TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #69: Nick Chen’s Ass Fiasco feat. Brad w/ BFG


A lot of you will remember a couple of months back Nick C’s ass suffered quite a traumatic range event. Many lessons were learned that day, most notably, not to violate basic range safety rules. The biggest takeaway for me from that day was just the sheer value of simple training. That’s why today we’ve brought on both TFB’s Nick C as well as Brad Gilpin from Blue Force Gear to talk about the accident and the specific training that allowed all of us to respond to the injury quickly, efficiently, and without panic. Brad Gilpin is the Director of Medical Programming at Blue Force Gear and is a prior law enforcement professional who has served at both the state and federal levels. He was a founding member of the USBP BORSTAR unit serving as Assistant Team Leader / Team Medic and has been involved in advocating tactical medicine skills for LEOs since long before it was cool to do so.

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TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #69: Nick Chen’s Ass Fiasco feat. Brad w/ BFG

On Today’s episode of the TFB Behind The Gun Podcast, we’ve brought on two guests to talk about a recent training accident both myself and TFB’s Nick C had to deal with. In addition to Nick C, Brad Gilpin, Director of Medical Programming for Blue Force Gear, will also be joining us to discuss the events of that day. To set the stage, a couple of months back Nick C and I as well as a few other friends were out gathering live-fire test footage of a DIY M202 FLASH Launcher made by Jonathan Wild. Long story short, some basic fundamental rules of range safety were violated and Nick C wound up getting a nice 2″ hole in his rear end. Thankfully, Nick and I had both attended a trauma care class put on by Brad just a couple of years prior and his training helped us keep a bad situation from worsening. Today on the podcast we discuss the events of the accident, and how we responded, and then Brad wraps everything up by assessing our performance and giving us pointers on what we could have done better. Please welcome TFB’s Nick C and Brad Gilpin from Blue Force Gear to the show!

Adequate training should be completed from a licensed professional before performing any first aid discussed in this podcast. This is not medical advice.

TFB Behind the Gun #69: Nick Chen's Ass Fiasco feat. Brad w/ BFG


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