TFB B-Side Podcast: Finnish Brutality with Laura


If Finnish Brutality sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve covered the event briefly before right here on TFB. I recently had the opportunity to participate in InRangeTV’s Woodland Brutality 2022 and I had an absolute blast with not just the stages but meeting with all sorts of characters at the event. With my first Brutality Match out of the way, I sought after more and while I plan on attending the 2022 Desert Brutality match, this year’s Finnish Brutality came and went faster than I could plan for it. Thankfully my good friend Laura was able to compete in the event and she agreed to come on the show today to share her experiences with all of us so that you all can get a taste of what it’s like competing in the joint InRangeTV/Varusteleka match which has not only your standard fare of challenges like the infamous Kasarda Drill but also adds some uniquely Finnish challenges to the mix to keep things interesting. Laura also spends a little bit of time talking with us about what it’s like to be a Finnish firearms owner and gives us all a peek behind the curtain into the process and hurdles surrounding getting a firearms license in the country. Please give a warm welcome to today’s guest, Laura!

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TFB B-Side Podcast: Finnish Brutality with Laura V

On today’s episode of the TFB B-Side Podcast, we’re getting a behind-the-scenes look at Finnish Brutality with Laura. Laura is currently an active competitive shooter. In addition to her work and competitive shooting, Laura likes to spend time hiking with her dog Routa. In today’s episode, Laura and I discuss the recent Finnish Brutality match which obviously took place in Finland. Laura describes for us the different divisions and also gives a brief description of each course of fire as well as the many special obstacles each competitor had to deal with. Please welcome Laura to the show!

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Finnish Brutality is a joint venture between InRangeTV‘s Brutality Matches and the good folks over at Varusteleka which is a Finnish military and outdoors supplier of outdoor apparel, first aid, and tactical gear. If you’re in the market for some fresh threads for the range or you just want to get your hands on some great camping or hiking gear, check out

TFB B-Side Podcast: Finnish Brutality with Laura V

All photos used in this article were provided by Varusteleka 


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TFB B-Side Podcast: Gun Law and Gun Culture in Italy with Giorgio O

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TFB B-Side Podcast: Gun Law and Gun Culture in Italy with Giorgio O

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