Taurus Introduces the Taurus TH10, a 10MM DA/SA Handgun


[Bainbridge, GA], [December 22, 2023] – Taurus, a renowned name in the firearms industry, is proud to announce the highly anticipated launch of the Taurus TH10, a cutting-edge addition to its exceptional lineup of handguns. The TH10 is set to make its debut this Friday, the 22nd of December, promising firearm enthusiasts an unparalleled combination of safety, accuracy, and innovation.

Key Features of the Taurus TH10:

Combination Safety/De-cocker Lever: The Taurus TH10 boasts a unique Combination Safety/De-cocker lever, providing users with the flexibility to carry in either hammer-down or cocked-and-locked positions. This innovative feature enhances the overall safety profile of the firearm, catering to the preferences of a diverse range of shooters.

Stainless Steel Barrel: Engineered for pinpoint accuracy, the Taurus TH10 is equipped with a premium stainless steel barrel. This feature ensures exceptional precision, making the TH10 a standout choice for both seasoned marksmen and those looking to elevate their shooting experience.

Tailored Recoil Spring and Guide Rod: Designed specifically for the potent 10mm caliber, the TH10 incorporates a recoil spring and guide rod meticulously crafted to optimize performance. This custom design ensures reliable and consistent operation, contributing to the overall durability and longevity of the firearm.
Impressive 15-Round Capacity: The Taurus TH10 comes with a generous 15-round capacity, providing users with ample firepower in a single magazine. This extended capacity is ideal for various applications, from personal defense to competitive shooting.

Industry Standard Sight Dovetails: Recognizing the importance of customization, the TH10 is equipped with industry-standard sight dovetails. This thoughtful feature allows users to easily install common aftermarket sights, tailoring the firearm to individual preferences and shooting requirements.

The Taurus TH10 represents a culmination of Taurus’s commitment to innovation, safety, and quality craftsmanship. This 10mm powerhouse is poised to set new standards in the industry, offering a versatile solution for those seeking a reliable and high-performance handgun.

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