SURPRISE – Vudoo Gun Works Announces The Möbius 1911


In a product twist that I would have never seen coming, Vudoo Gun Works has just announced the Möbius 1911 chambered in either .45 ACP or 9mm. This is the first departure into handguns for the precision rimfire rifle company, but if they stay true to form, the quality of these pistols will be superb. Coming full circle, Vudoo is making a target .22LR slide and barrel conversion kit that will work on either of the Möbius pistols. Of course, I’m praying for the inclusion of a threaded barrel.

Pricing, details, and other information can be found below.

Vudoo Gun Works @ TFB:

SURPRISE – Vudoo Gun Works Announces The Möbius 1911

SURPRISE - Vudoo Gun Works Announces The Möbius 1911
SURPRISE - Vudoo Gun Works Announces The Möbius 1911
SURPRISE - Vudoo Gun Works Announces The Möbius 1911

Vudoo Gun Works Announces The Möbius 1911

Product Page:

For Immediate Release – St George Utah – Vudoo Gun Works, the leader in precision rimfire rifles, breaks tradition (with a twist) to redefine the 1911. The Vudoo Möbius blends innovation, aerospace manufacturing techniques and the personal touch of highly detailed craftsmen, to reimagine an American classic while still honoring the excellent original John Browning design.

The creation of the Möbius is a radical departure from other custom 1911s in that we literally turn the firearm inside out. Every process has been re-engineered from the ground up. With methods common in the aerospace industry, Vudoo has been able to redefine the production of the 1911. This is accomplished by ensuring that all components are manufactured to very close tolerances, allowing for proper assembly and function with an absolute minimum of hand-fitting. These advancements have led to precise and reliable operation, smooth fit and finish, and lead times that are measured in weeks rather than months.

The Möbius is currently available in three full size models chambered in either 9mm or .45ACP appealing to the traditional 1911 fans. All 3 models will feature Vudoo Logo VZ grips, Novak Sights and will ship with 3 magazines.

Now for the twist…staying true to our rimfire roots, the fourth model is a target .22lr of the highest standard. The target .22lr has its own, proprietary adjustable sights, slide mounted optic ready pic rail and ships with two magazines. The .22lr slide assembly with mag will also be available as a conversion kit to the standard Möbius 1911.

  • Classic Features
  • Novak Sights
  • VZ Vudoo Grips
  • 3 color options, Stainless, Black, and two tone
  • 2 Stainless Steel Magazines
  • Available in 9mm or .45ACP

Möbius 1911 MSRP: $2995.00
Möbius 1911 22LR Target: TBD

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