Silencer Central Donates over $1M in Conservation Support


Silencer Central has been up to a lot more than just producing their own new line of suppressors and helping people go through the process of buying a suppressor. Silencer Central has continued to build strong relationships within the firearms industry which include a wide array of conservation organizations whose aim is to preserve the beautiful wildlife and habitats where Americans work, live, hunt, and shoot.

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Silencer Central Donates over $1M in Conservation Support

Silencer Central Donates over $1M in Conservation Support

This is a remarkable milestone for Silencer Central and a testament to the amazing partners that play a vital role in conservation efforts in our industry,” said Brandon Maddox, CEO of Silencer Central. “We’re blown away by the impact we’ve seen, and it doesn’t stop here. We’re a company passionate about this mission and continue to work to reinforce hunting, firearm and conservation efforts through new and old partnerships.

Silencer Central donates suppressors to several conservation organizations for them to use during fundraising events and also to spread awareness that suppressors are now a rather large and regular part of the hunting scene, providing hunters with a safer firearm, and just making the experience of shooting a hunting rifle much more pleasant.

Silencer Central Donates over $1M in Conservation Support

Thanks to the tremendous dedication of organizations whose support remains vital in furthering conservation, the $1.3M mark represents Silencer Central’s financial contributions to the following organizations and beyond:

The suppressors that are donated to these organizations are used as door prizes, auction pieces, or raffle prize items and 100% of the funds generated from these events go directly to the organizations which not only helps keep these organizations active and working to serve the goals of the hunting community but also serve to help educate a wider audience on the benefits of suppressor use with firearms.

The NWTF is thankful for its partnership with Silencer Central and their support of our mission to conserve the wild turkey and preserve our hunting heritage,” said NWTF co-CEO Jason Burckhalter. “It is thanks to partners like Silencer Central that we are able to carry out landscape-level conservation efforts to ensure cleaner water and healthy habitats with robust wildlife populations, work to make communities more resilient to wildfire and ensure continued hunting and outdoor recreation opportunities for everyone.

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