SIG Sneaks in the Littler, Lighter SPEAR


With the launch of the M5 and M250 we saw that SIG had mapped out several updates to the MCX line. The VIRTUS was their generation 2 and offered significant improvements over the 1st generation. Most notable was the handguard, the original MCX handguard wasn’t rigid at all and the was problematic for mounting zeroables.

The SPEAR LT appears to be all that again and a little more. All the nice creature comforts we’ve seen on the SPEAR, namely trigger, full ambidexterity, and handguard, all brought to the shorter action platform. No, it isn’t a side charger. So if you like that feature you’ll need to await the full SPEAR.

Mike and several others all dropped videos on the updated rifle, it is further proof that the future holds three rifles primarily. The AK, the AR-15, and the AR-18. To be fair SIGs, production and update style nearly rivals tech companies.

The new iOS is dropping? The new 365 updates are too!

Steam just pushed a massive platform update? New MCX Time!

WordPress dropping new features and rearranging everything? That’s just a day ending in Y actually, SIG doesn’t go that mad lad with their items.

I’m ordering a LT, I’m a sucker for service carbines in FDE.

Grand Thumbs video in the meantime.

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