SEAN HANNITY: This is potentially the biggest bribery, money laundering scandal in American history


FOX News host Sean Hannity shares how the walls are continuing to close in on President Biden after House Speaker Kevin McCarthy officially launches a formal impeachment inquiry against the president. 

SEAN HANNITY: First tonight, the walls, as we have been telling you, are closing in on President Joe Biden. Earlier today, the House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, officially now called for a formal impeachment inquiry over the president’s role in his family’s shady business dealings… The Speaker then sent a letter to fellow lawmakers after his remarks following up on the announcement, confirming that they will have a conference meeting on Thursday about this inquiry. 

Now, predictably, the White House immediately dismissed McCarthy’s announcement, with spokesman Ian Sams from the White House Counsel’s Office claiming Republicans have found no evidence that Biden did anything wrong before calling the inquiry, “extreme politics at its finest.” 

Really? No evidence at all whatsoever? Okay, we’ll get into that. What about the Treasury Department’s nearly 150 suspicious activity reports or that FBI’s 1023 form that alleges, by the way, from a credible FBI source, credible defined by the FBI who previously had paid this source hundreds of thousands of dollars, alleging that Joe Biden took official actions as vice president in exchange for a lot of money to enrich his entire family, all related to corruption allegations from the Bidens related to Burisma. That is the Ukrainian gas and oil giant. 

What about the 5,000 emails that Joe wrote under a pseudonym while vice president, including, by the way, we found a new account, AUKS, uncovered yesterday. Despite the endless attempts by the Biden administration to block House Republicans who say they have uncovered what is now amounting to a trove of evidence. Now, why did they publicly dismiss the inquiry into Joe Biden? 


Now, according to reports, the White House has been preparing for this moment. They knew it was coming. Reportedly building out an entire war room inside and outside of government, inside of government filled with spokespeople and legal experts to counter the investigations into both Hunter and Joe Biden. They have their work cut out for them because evidence of Biden’s wrongdoing is now quite overwhelming and questions around the family’s shady dealings. Well, they need answers. Like how did Hunter Biden, he was admitted to be an addict at the time, earn millions of dollars from foreign businesses and foreign countries with no relevant experience in the country or in the field of endeavor. He’s getting paid on. 

And according to the Johnson-Grassley report, he received, for example, $3.5 million from the former first lady of Moscow and then later $120 million investment in their real estate fund. They got the exact amount of money from a Kazakhstan oligarch, and that money was spent instantaneously on a brand new sports car by Hunter Biden, $100,000 for that international shopping spree with an associate of a CCP backed Chinese energy firm, millions of dollars for his work on the board of Burisma. He also demanded $10 million. Remember, I am sitting next to my father from a Chinese business associate at a CCP linked firm to quote ‘further the interest of their joint venture.’ 

Now, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer says the Bidens overall have taken in tens of millions of dollars from foreign entities in Russia, Ukraine, China, Kazakhstan, Romania and many other countries through these shell companies allegedly used to conceal the source and the funds and reduce suspicion over the total amount. So if it really is just extreme politics, that it’s worse as their White House war room is now claiming. Then explain what the Bidens did to earn all of this money, tens of millions of dollars. 

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