SEAN HANNITY: The New York Times was running cover for Joe Biden


Fox News host Sean Hannity breaks down the reaction to House Republicans launching an impeachment inquiry into President Biden on “Hannity.”

SEAN HANNITY: Now, again, these two IRS investigators, they risked everything to come forward. Their claims about Hunter’s alleged crimes were just proven true by a federal indictment and their new claims about Joe Biden’s involvement in the Biden family business. Well, guess what? They’re backed up with pictures, eyewitness testimony. They are backed up by suspicious activity reports, allegations from credible government source detailed in that FBI 1023 form, along with phone records and texts and emails and even a handwritten note. Well, on the other side, you have Joe Biden, who wants you to just simply trust him. Now, Joe has previously lied about, let’s see, his past employment, his grades in law school, his trips on an Amtrak, the death of his own son, his actions after 9/11, his role in the civil rights movement, his nonexistent arrest in South Africa, his house getting destroyed by a fire, that wasn’t true, his totally secure southern border, and the number of even grandchildren he has in his own family.


And again, Biden also, well, definitely lied when he said he’d never, ever once interacted with Hunter or his brother or any of their foreign business partners. Now, meanwhile, the Biden family bagman Hunter is also deeply dishonest. The apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree; like father, like son. Hunter is now federally accused of lying on his taxes, lying about deductions, lying on a gun application. But we’re all what supposed to believe that the millions that he was making from Russia and Ukraine and China and Romania and elsewhere, you know, are all without any relevant experience? That that really was on the up and up? We’re supposed to believe that? And you get millions of dollars, no experience at all by your own admission, at a time in your life when you’re struggling with addiction. 

Now in what is almost too crazy to be true, we got Hunter and Joe now teaming up with Congressman Eric Swalwell. Remember him? Fang Fang fame? But anyway, to prove their innocence ahead of a possible impeachment. Now, Swalwell helped Hunter orchestrate yesterday’s little PR stunt outside the Capitol, the very same Eric Swalwell, who was kicked off the House Intelligence Committee because of an alleged romantic affair with a Chinese spy. Yup. The name you can’t make it up in a novel. Fang Fang. 

But the media mob, they don’t seem to care. The White House press corps, well, they barely asked about the impeachment vote today, and The New York Times, they were running cover for Joe Biden, actually leaving out the very key word in its report about Hunter’s rant on Capitol Hill when he said that his father was never financially involved in his business. So why would The New York Times omit the word “financially” so they wouldn’t have to what? Explain the evolution of the Biden family and all the lies that they’ve told?

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