SEAN HANNITY: Democrats like to see America divided


Fox News host Sean Hannity calls out lawmakers for pushing racial reparations, saying Democrats want to divide the country on “Hannity.” 

SEAN HANNITY: Keep in mind, the entire U.S. budget is around $6 trillion — way too high already. They want an additional $14 trillion just for reparations and by the way, they’re not going to get it from billionaires. If you look at the cumulative wealth of every single billionaire in the country, it is a mere $5 trillion if they confiscated every single cent. So make no mistake, this money is coming from your pocket, every American’s pocket, and it won’t matter whether you’re a first-generation immigrant or a working-class American or a Native American or a low-income earner from around the country.  


These members of Congress want to penalize everybody in the country simply because you were born with the wrong ethnicity. Now, it is not fair to ask why families in America that have no connection at all to any past generational involvement in slavery, why should they be forced to pay massive sums of money when neither they nor any family member in the past had any involvement at all with slavery?  

Now, of course, the woke city of San Francisco, they have already drafted a plan. They want to give $5 million to all 50,000 Black residents in that city. Other proposals include “grants to buy and maintain homes to exempting African-American businesses from paying taxes,” and it’s not just San Francisco. It’s in California. Now you’ve got New York and New Jersey and Illinois.  


They’re all developing similar plans and this might soon become a reality. According to the Democratic Party, it is the least the evil American taxpayers can do. Now, ultimately, it is a political ploy from Democrats. Why? Because they like to see America divided. They want to divide us on the issue of race and age and sex and gender in order to energize their radical base. This isn’t about truth. It’s not about logic. It’s not about fairness. It’s not about equity. It’s about winning elections by vilifying, in many cases here, innocent people. Over the weekend, we witnessed Joe Biden. He went down to Howard University and proclaimed that White supremacy is the greatest terror threat in the entire world. 

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