SEAN HANNITY: Biden was the loser of last night’s debate


FOX News host Sean Hannity recaps last night’s debate between Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., and Gov. Gavin Newsom, D-Calif. on “Hannity.”


HANNITY: Now, none of this would have been possible without both Governor Newsom, Governor DeSantis. They both deserve a lot of credit and they seem to have really enjoy the opportunity. Both thanked me after the debate and Governor Newsom tweeted out what a good time he had and wanted to go longer. And let’s be honest, there was only one clear cut loser if we’re going to look at last night’s debate objectively, that’d be President Joe Biden. Here’s the reality. Joe Biden could never come on this program for a debate like last night because he’s not mentally capable. 

At 81 years of age and steep cognitive decline, Biden is having a hard time talking, walking and even staying awake. His hearing’s not good. His vision is terrible. The font size on his teleprompter is gigantic. He’s not fit to serve. He should definitely not be running for re-election. In fact, he’s one major trip and fall away from ending his campaign. And based on last night, we know the Democratic Party has a much better option, who can walk and talk and form sentences and debate and speak eloquently about the liberal issues that they’re passionate about – and I’ve been warning conservatives and Republicans to watch out for potential replacements for Joe. And Gavin Newsom, like it or not, would be on the short list. I’ve been warning people.

Now, Newsom does have one big problem. He’s the governor of California. The Golden State has a lot of problems. Now, maybe in fairness, it’s not all of Governor Newsom’s fault, but after more than a decade of single party Democratic rule, its citizens are leaving the state in droves. They are leaving with their feet and their money and by the way, California, it should never struggle. It has more natural resources than any other state in the country. I lived there five years. It is a beautiful state. They have year-round agriculture. The best wine growing region in the entire world. Silicon Valley, they have. Hollywood, Disney, it’s also a major private equity and financial hub with some of the largest international ports in the entire world. It is a gateway to Asia, but now California’s population, it is shrinking and shrinking dramatically.

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