SEAN HANNITY: Biden blames Trump in ‘dishonest’ new Afghanistan withdrawal report


Fox News host Sean Hannity blasted President Biden’s blame game after the release of the administration’s new report on the 2021 Afghanistan withdrawal.

SEAN HANNITY: August 29, 2021. You might remember, Joe Biden probably does not recall. He does not know that today is Thursday. But, however, what happened on that day, we will never forget. That is the day that the remains of 13 U.S. service members that were killed in that suicide bombing near the Kabul airport arrived at Dover Airfield for a dignified transfer. Now, President Joe Biden was standing on the tarmac, remember checking his watch again, again and again. So insulting, embarrassing, multiple times, pretty disgraceful. But it was the culmination of Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and frankly, one of the most shameful, humiliating moments in American history. We have a few new ones, a Chinese spy balloon and the drone shot out of the sky. We’ll get to that.


According to Biden, Biden did nothing wrong. He accepts no responsibility, frankly, for anything. Now he’s learned nothing at all. Also, and it’s really important, you know, not to assign blame here. Well, except for all the times that the report blamed Donald Trump, they kept blaming Donald Trump. He wasn’t president during the chaotic withdrawal. Not a single American was killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan in combat in the last 18 months when Donald Trump was president. And meanwhile, Joe Biden had been sworn in for six months when he ordered this withdrawal. But according to the administration’s findings, it’s all Donald Trump’s fault. And during the transition from the Trump administration to the Biden administration, the outgoing administration provided, they say, no plan for how to conduct the final withdrawal. In other words, how could Joe Biden ever possibly come up with his own plan before ordering the withdrawal? Maybe that’s too much to ask from your commander in chief. Now, the report also accuses Trump of emboldening the Taliban and not leaving enough troops for Biden to pull out. Also, you could have put some back in. And as for the billions in military equipment that Joe left behind, billions and billions of it for the Taliban, well, that’s Biden’s fault. Apparently not. Take a look. In looking through this, it doesn’t seem to address the $7 billion in military hardware and technology. 


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