San Antonio Homeowner Shoots Drunk Forcing His Way Into The Wrong House


SAN ANTONIO, TX – An intoxicated man in San Antonio went to the wrong address by mistake and forced his way in through the back door but was shot by the homeowner. The homeowner is not expected to face charges, and it’s unknown if the intruder will. 

Drunk Breaks Into San Antonio Home, Shot By Homeowner

On the evening of September 12, according to KENS5 News, a drunken man attempted to enter the wrong home by mistake. After the front door didn’t work, he was able to force his way into the back door of the home, where the homeowner/lawful resident confronted him. 

According to a statement by the San Antonio Police Department, the homeowner/resident gave the man several commands to stop and leave the premises, but he did not comply. Instead, the intruder advanced, leading the homeowner/resident to fear for his safety and firing. 

Police were called and discovered both men. The intruder had been shot in the foot and was transported to an area hospital. 

It isn’t known if the intruder will face charges, and the homeowner or resident (whatever the case may be) is not likely to. 

Drunks And Warning Shots 

Overall, this incident had the right result. The intruder was shot but not seriously wounded. 

After all, drunks do dumb things (and indeed, far worse than this), but in many instances, choosing the wrong house has everything to do with being on Blackout Island instead of any real malice or criminal intent. 

People are shot and killed in the same circumstances, which is tragic given the relative innocence of the mistake. 

Blackout Island seems like a great place to go until you return from your journey with harrowing tales of acting the absolute fool and a skull-splitting hangover IF you’re lucky. In this instance, the home intruder went to at least the hospital, if not jail, afterward. 

Hopefully, he takes this as a clue and either downregulates his intake or gets sober. 

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