New Strike Polymer Backup Sights With Tool-less Adjustments


Strike Industries is excited to share the latest addition to its rapidly expanding line of aftermarket AR components. The new Strike Polymer Backup Sights are a lightweight and affordable backup sighting option to pair with your rifle’s optic just in case of power loss or damage that would render it inoperable. These new backup iron sights have a number of neat features that make them a bit more practical and more durable than your typical standard polymer backup iron sight.

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New Strike Polymer Backup Sights With Tool-less Adjustments

New Strike Polymer Backup Sights With Tool-less Adjustments

The Strike Polymer Backup Sights (SPBUS) is a low-profile affordable sighting system that is designed for the AR platform and has bonus built-in sights when flipped down. No time to flip up the sights, you have backup sights on your backup sights. The SPBUS sights are made with lightweight and durable SI Polymer Extreme material with steel mounting tab and insert that can handle any wear and tear you throw at it without any major issues. As long as you’ve got a Picatinny rail, you will have these SPBUS mounted in minutes. Both sights are capable of flipping down nice and low so you don’t have to worry about them being in your way when they’re not in use or snag on any gear. The SPBUS does not have an internal spring so you don’t accidently deploy the sights when you don’t need them. Since the SPBUS sights are slightly taller than standard A2 sights (2.3mm/0.09″ taller), the SPBUS is designed and optimized to have both sights paired together and not with other sights. To zero the sights or make any adjustments, the rear sight has an easy-to-use knob for adjusting windage while the front sight elevation is easily and quickly adjusted without tools. The rear SPBUS has dual apertures at 4.70mm(0.19″) for longer eye relief, low light and faster target acquisition; and 1.75mm(0.07″) for shorter eye relief and greater accuracy. Quickly slide the rear sight up and down to change to the aperture you need. If you need these as a primary or want them as a backup sight, the Strike Polymer Backup Sights (SPBUS) is a low-profile durable multi-function option that has tool-less adjustments paired at an affordable price.

New Strike Polymer Backup Sights With Tool-less Adjustments

Each set-up Strike Polymer Backup Sight comes with everything you need to install them on your rifle. At the present time, they are only available in black and cost $84.95 per set. Strike Industries has provided specific torque settings for the aluminum mounting tab to prevent damage during installation. It is pretty neat that they decided to include an aiming solution when the sights are folded down, I am just personally curious to see where those impact when folded down versus when they are flipped up. For more information, or to purchase a pair of Strike Polymer Backup Sights you can visit

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