NEW Creedmoor Sports Brass Care Products


Creedmoor Sports is already known as one of the primary suppliers of competition shooting gear. Their lineup of in-house products now includes brass cleaning equipment for reloading. Creedmoor’s Brass Care products boast some interesting qualities.

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NEW Creedmoor Sports Brass Care Products

Cleaning brass is an essential step in any reloading process. Once upon a time, corn cob or walnut media were used in a vibratory tumbler to clean off the cases. Many reloaders have moved on to using stainless steel pins in rotary tumblers to get their brass extra shiny. Steel pins are generally used with water and a polishing solution.

Creedmoor Sports builds off of the steel pin tumbling method but replaces steel with tiny porcelain sticks. They are available in two sizes, one for cases smaller than .223/5.56 and one for .223/5.56 cases and larger. It is claimed that these are more efficient than steel because 45% more porcelain rods can be used per pound than steel rods. A 3.5-pound container costs $32.95 and they are available now.

NEW Creedmoor Sports Brass Care Products

The second part of the system is a cleaning solution. It is designed to work with both rotary tumblers and ultrasonic cleaners. A 32-ounce container costs $24.95 and is in stock as of the time of writing.

NEW Creedmoor Sports Brass Care Products

From the manufacturer:

Creedmoor Sports Brass Care Tumbling Media, for the ultimate clean and shine using a wet tumbling process. Zirconia media, a type of ceramic, is about 55% less dense than stainless media. 3.5lbs of this Brass Care Tumbling Media takes up as much space as 6.25lbs of stainless media giving you 55% more media for the same weight. This added media means increased surface area resulting in a more efficient cleaning process. And like our porcelain-based media, this zirconia media also has one more trick up its sleeve, each sphere is packed with mild abrasives, truly giving your brass a thorough scrubbing inside and out.

We specifically sized this media to pass easily through the tiniest of flash holes and to get into the nooks and crannies of the tightest of primer pockets. When it’s time to separate, this media will flow out of your brass like water. Take your wet tumbling to the next level with Creedmoor Sports Brass Care Tumbling Media.

All images via Creedmoor Sports

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AKA @fromtheguncounter on Instagram. Gun nerd, reloader, attorney, and mediocre hunter. Daniel can still be found on occasion behind the counter at a local gun store. When he is not shooting, he enjoys hiking, camping, and rappelling around Utah.

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