New AGM Neith Digital Night Vision Scope


The new AGM Neith Digital Night Vision Scope.

AGM Global Vision presents the new Neith Digital Night Vision Scopes. According to AGM, it’s the optimal solution for budget-conscious hunters, with a desire to begin with night hunting. The display has full color during the day and black & white at night. Additional features include an integrated IR illumination, built-in video recording, detachable and rechargeable 18650 batteries, and the American Defense MFG (ADM) QD mount so you can attach it to your firearm. The camera sensor uses a 2560×1440 ultra-low light optical detector, which is displayed on a 1920×1080 OLED display inside the ocular. Thanks to the built-in long-range IR illuminator the detection range is claimed to be up to 400 meters. The AGM Neith DS32-4MP sells for $879.00, and the AGM Neith DC32-4MP costs $989.00.

AGM Global Vision @ TFB:

More details can be found in the full communication from AGM:

AGM Neith Digital Night Vision Scope

The new Neith 4MP digital night vision scope is now available for purchase.

Earlier this year, AGM announced the production of the new digital night optic at SHOT show 2023. “This is the first digital night vision optic by AGM, and more products in this family will likely follow.” Said Chase Stephens – Director of Business Development.

More about the Neith:

The NEW Neith Riflescope will help to usher in a new era in multi-functional digital hunting optics. This digital rifle scope has an advanced ultra-low light optical detector and crisp 1920×1080 OLED display – providing full-color clarity during daytime use and classic black & white viewing in night mode.

The Neith supports multiple display modes including: day mode, night mode, defog mode, and more; which help to adjust the sensor sensitivity for different hunting/shooting conditions. The scope is also equipped with plenty of built-in internal memory which allows users to both record high-quality videos and images at the touch of a button. The added functionality of full sound recording and recoil-activated video help to make the Neith one of the most advanced digital optics on the market.

A robust Wi-Fi module for live video streaming and video/ image recording via the AGM Connect application is also included. A built-in infrared illuminator provides advanced viewing capabilities and is ideally suited for operations in low-light / no-light conditions. The Neith is powered by a single, removable & rechargeable 18650 battery which are both reliable and relatively easy to find. The mini-USB port included with each Neith also allows users to drastically extend operating time in the field by plugging into an external power pack, which could come in handy during those multi-day/night hunting excursions. The Neith also retains the vast majority of menu functionality that AGM Thermal imaging users have come to love and expect.

The Neith digital scopes will begin shipping to dealers and distributors nationwide in late Q1/early Q2.

There’s also a video released, where you can see it in action:


Are you looking to get into night hunting, or are you already a professional?

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