Missouri Man Charged After Fatally Shooting Mother, Mistaking Her for Intruder


OLIVETTE, MO – A tragic case of not identifying your target led to an irreversible loss when Jaylen Johnson, 25, mistakenly shot and killed his mother, Monica McNichols-Johnson, 56, under the belief she was an intruder.

The incident unfolded in the early hours of a Thursday morning in the St. Louis suburb. Despite immediate attempts to save her by Johnson’s girlfriend and paramedics, Monica’s life was claimed at the scene.

In the aftermath, Johnson, described as having no criminal history and being a former college football player, was charged with manslaughter and armed criminal action, facing a bail of $100,000.

This devastating event underscores a critical aspect of responsible gun ownership: the absolute necessity of identifying your target before making the irreversible decision to use lethal force. Owning a firearm for protection carries the weighty responsibility of ensuring it is used correctly and safely. The importance of training and preparedness cannot be overstated, including practicing scenario-based drills that emphasize target identification and decision-making under stress. This tragedy serves as a somber reminder of what’s at stake.

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