KE Arms Seeking Publically Disclosed Info in GWACS Armory/KP-15 Trial


Most of you here already know that KE Arms is knee-deep in a court battle over the design of the KP-15 monolithic polymer lower receiver. While KE Arms will not ask for direct support in the form of direct donations, they are indeed seeking the help of the 2nd Amendment community via purchases from their website. They are also now seeking information from current or former GWACS customers who have had communications with the company that were not disclosed during the discovery phase (the trial phase where both sides exchange information about the witnesses and evidence that they will present at trial). It is because of this fact that KE Arms is requesting that anyone with communications with GWACS Armory regarding product improvements, manufacturing information, or product improvement suggestions for the CAV-15 lower forward this info to KE Arms. It is hoped that these communications between GWACS and its customers will help KE Arms in their ongoing battle over alleged infringements regarding the KP-15 design. Full details directly from KE Arms are below.

More from KE Arms @ TFB:

KE Arms Seeking Publically Disclosed Info in GWACS Armory/KP-15 Trial

KE Arms Seeking Publically Disclosed Info in GWACS Armory/KP-15 Trial

KE Arms would like to thank the 2A Community for their ongoing support as we battle GWACS’ frivolous lawsuit.

Media coverage of this case has resulted in individuals reaching out to us with documents and communications they have had with GWACS that should have been disclosed to us in discovery, but unfortunately were not.

GWACS’ primary claims in this case are centered on its alleged trade secrets and proprietary information. KE Arms’ position is that all of this information was either in the public space or readily known in the industry, and thus neither secret nor proprietary.

For example, a former GWACS customer recently came forward notifying us that GWACS openly shared all of the internal structures of the CAV-15 MKII with dimensional references. The customer also shared with GWACS his plans to install a QD socket into the stock, yet GWACS has alleged the installation of the QD socket into the stock to be a trade secret and/or proprietary information in this case.

Tellingly, GWACS never disclosed these communications to us in discovery. In fact, only after seeing press coverage of the case did the individual come forward with this information. We believe one of the reasons that GWACS has requested a gag order in this case is to suppress this sort of unfavorable information being voluntarily provided by former customers and affiliates.

We believe that the truth dies in darkness. As such if you have any communications with GWACS related to product suggestions, product improvements, internal design features, and manufacturing information please forward them to us at [email protected].
KE Arms Seeks GWACS Customer Support In Ongoing KP-15 Court Battle
The allegations presented by GWACS against KE Arms are all about trade secrets and NDA violations which means that if certain design aspects or details were openly discussed and disclosed to third parties, they can’t be considered trade secrets or NDA violations. Once again, KE Arms is not asking for donations (in fact they will outright refuse direct donations) but you can support them in a number of different ways including passing along the above-mentioned information to them that may help them in this ongoing court case. Alternatively, if you’re looking for firearms parts, you can support KE Arms directly by purchasing gear from their store.
KE Arms Seeks GWACS Customer Support In Ongoing KP-15 Court Battle

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