Joy Behar mocks Gen Zers for feeling left behind by the economy, tells them to get a job: ‘Boo-hoo’


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“The View” co-host Joy Behar emphatically told Gen Z on Tuesday to “get a job” while responding to the idea that the generation feels like they’re being “left behind by the economy.”

During a segment about why Gen Z, those born between 1997 and 2013, are worried about aging, Whoopi Goldberg laughed while saying they were worried they will have “nothing to look forward to other than wrinkles, aging and death.” 

Co-host Joy Behar said it was “ridiculous.” Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin stepped up in defense of Gen Z and said, “they are not hitting the milestones the way every generation before them did.”

“They’re owning homes at a lower rate, this is wild. Forty-five percent of people between 18 to 29 still live with their parents. They feel left behind by the economy and also see everybody trying to not age, so,” Griffin said before Behar emphatically declared, “Oh please, get a job!”


Griffin said some of them had “multiple jobs.” 

“There’s a million job openings in this country, get a job!” Behar said. 

Co-host Sunny Hostin said she was raising two Gen Z children and argued that they lived through the “worst of times,” the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Boo-hoo,” Behar added. Hostin said her son recently asked her about what is “important.” 

The View co-hosts


“Like that’s this existential question,” she said. “I said family, I said making sure that you do something for someone every day who can never repay you, something good. And making a difference.”

“And having a job,” Goldberg added. Goldberg had previously criticized the work ethic of younger generations, specifically millennials. 

“Young people need to know it’s hard. It’s always been hard. It will always be hard. That’s the nature of moving forward. You’re always moving through something. You’re always trying to get where you need to be. I just want you to be realistic and understand, if you want a house, you can’t work a 4-day work week. You have to work longer than that,” Goldberg said in November 2023.

Whoopi Goldberg

Voters continue to question the economy under President Biden as they debate who to support in the presidential election, citing high grocery prices and mortgage rates, the Washington Post reported on Sunday.

“We work full-time hours, but we still can’t afford things. You think, ‘I work full time. I should be able to afford a house,'” Daniel Busby, from Las Vegas, said. “I don’t want to come home one day and then realize I have to pack up and leave. It’s that sense of stability we’re missing.”

When Biden took office, the average monthly mortgage payment in Las Vegas was near $1,200 and now sits at $2,350 per month, the media outlet reported.

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