JESSE WATTERS: This isn’t 2020, Biden can’t hide in his basement


Fox News host Jesse Watters reacts Monday to President Biden’s latest disappointing poll numbers on “Jesse Watters Primetime.” 

JESSE WATTERS: Donald Trump extending his lead to three and a half points against Biden in the RealClearPolitics average. A Republican hasn’t had a lead like that in 20 years. McCain, Romney, Trump, both past elections, have never been ahead that much, not since Bush was beating Kerry in 2004. Biden is losing every swing state, and his approval rating hit an all-time low, 34%. But Biden says the polls are fake, right as a Sedan slammed into his motorcade. 



Biden is acting cocky in public, but behind the scenes, he’s furious. The Washington Post reports Biden delivered some stern words for the small group assembled. His poll numbers were unacceptably low, and he wanted to know what his team and his campaign were doing about it. No one likes to blame their staff more than I do, but Biden hired the staff, and they can’t sell the public on policies that aren’t working. These are Biden policies.  


If Biden could sell them, then he wouldn’t be taking four-day weekends. This isn’t 2020. He can’t hide in the basement and have the staff spin the press. Even Barack Obama knows he’s going to lose. A source told the Journal Obama knows this is going to be a close race, and feels the Democrats very well could lose. But Hillary is in Joe’s corner.  

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