JESSE WATTERS: The same people who covered up the laptop are now letting Biden off the hook


Jesse Watters discusses how Donald Trump’s business records are being investigated while the Biden family’s business records remain largely untouched on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”


JESSE WATTERS: The Wall Street Journal is reporting Biden’s prosecutors are getting close to indicting Trump over the documents at Mar-a-Lago. Word is they might get Trump on an obstruction charge. So, here we go again. Obstructing a crime he didn’t commit. And we hear the special counsel, Jack Smith, pulled all of Trump’s business records since 2017 and couldn’t find anything. 

Could you imagine if prosecutors looked into the Biden family business records? So, what we have here is the same Department of Justice that’s been covering up Biden’s bribe scandal and deep sixing the Hunter investigation and letting Biden stash classified docs in Chinatown, his open garage and the China-funded Biden Center. Those same agents are about to move on Trump. 

And these are the same agents that killed both of Hillary’s FBI investigations. One into the Clinton Foundation, the other into a campaign finance scandal. And the same agents that spied on the Trump campaign, the same people that covered up the laptop, are now letting Biden off the hook and could soon arrest Biden’s potential opponent. Now, remember, Donald Trump was impeached for asking someone to investigate Biden. And now Biden is investigating and then arresting Donald Trump? Okay, so how does DeSantis play off that? It’s tricky, but Biden’s moves show how fragile the man is. 

And with numbers this pathetic, I’d probably arrest my opponent, too. Two thirds of Americans can’t stand how Biden’s handling the economy, inflation, the border and guns. And two thirds of Americans think he’s taking the country in the wrong direction. And the same amount of people think he’s not healthy enough or mentally sharp enough to be president. 

And if you ask Hillary, Biden might not even make it out of his first term. So, in that case, whoever does win the Republican primary, Trump or DeSantis may be able to just waltz right into the White House. That is, unless the FBI stops them.

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