JESSE WATTERS: Kamala just called every Democrat mayor a ‘liar’ regarding migrants


Jesse Watters discusses how Vice President Kamala Harris denied the administration’s lack of assistance to cities overrun by illegal migrants on “Jesse Watters Primetime.’

JESSE WATTERS: The White House taking Kamala Harris out of hibernation. They yanked her away from her college tour after the Hamas attack. I mean, you can’t have Kamala out there talking to a bunch of college kids during the war. No way she’s going to say the right thing. But after all that prep time and rest, the VP still wasn’t ready for the most obvious question about migrants of all time. 


That’s right. Kamala just called every Democrat mayor a liar. I wonder what the next question will be. It’s got to be something about Joe’s age, and she has to have a better answer this time. Tell me she has a better answer. 

The media just asked the vice president if the president’s brain-dead,, would you tell us? And Kamala said, Of course, I’d tell you if he’s brain-dead. But don’t worry, you know, I will let you guys know. 

That’s where we are in this country. Kamala is promising the press if something goes wrong with Biden, she won’t hide it. And then Kamala says she’d get better press if she were a White man.

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