Jerry Miculek World Record | Full Documentary


On October 6th at the Smith & Wesson Tennessee Headquarters Grand Opening, Jerry Miculek attempted and set two new World Records with his Smith & Wesson Revolver, beating out Max Michel’s old record and setting an entirely new record.

  • Fastest Time to Hit 6 Target Plates from 7 Yards with a 9mm Handgun: 2.01 seconds.
  • Fastest Time to Hit 6 Target Plates from 7 Yards with a 9mm Revolver: 1.88 seconds.

Over the past year, Jerry has dedicated himself to countless hours of practice, reacquainting himself with the revolver platform after a hiatus from professional revolver shooting. A veteran of competition shooting, he has proven once again that he is a legend of his craft. Congratulations, Jerry!

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