House Oversight Committee chairman reveals how China ‘buys politicians off’


House Oversight Chairman James Comer discussed the latest evidence revealed from the investigation into the Biden family business deals during “Sunday Morning Futures.”The Kentucky congressman revealed to host Maria Bartiromo a bank investigator’s concerns regarding loan payments made to Hunter Biden from China, saying the evidence “fits a pattern” with the Biden family.


REP. JAMES COMER: … What we see here, Maria, is this fits a pattern that we’ve been talking about on your show for months, where the Bidens were taking in, you know, millions of dollars from our enemies around the world, and they were calling them loans, because when you say a loan, you don’t have to report that on your taxes. You don’t have to notify the IRS. So this was a way the Bidens were trying to sneak money in, and at the end of the day, they weren’t paying any taxes on it – but the bank examiner realized that this was a bad deal.

…Not only is this money laundering and not only is this tax evasion, but this is how China comes in and buys politicians off. They give huge sums of money to vulnerable family members of high-ranking politicians, and they mentioned in the email Hunter Biden was susceptible because he was on drugs, he was in financial trouble, and they knew this because his ex-wife had said that in an interview.

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