Hogue’s New Laser Enhanced Grips for the Springfield 911 & SIG P938


Hogue has just announced the next expansion in its line of Laser Enhanced Grips with the introduction of new grips for the SIG P938 and Springfield 911 pistols. The Laser Enhanced Grips feature fully programmable circuits which allow the user to select different laser sighting solutions, as well as different laser intensity levels to increase capability across a wider range of environments.

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Hogue's New Laser Enhanced Grips for the Springfield 911 & SIG P938

Hogue’s New Laser Enhanced Grips for the Springfield 911 & SIG P938

Henderson, NV – Continuing the expansion of Hogue’s Laser Enhanced grip line, models are now available for the Springfield Armory 911 and the SIG SAUER P938. These new red laser enhanced grips accompany the concealability of both popular every day carry pistols and offer an added level of security through swift target acquisition.

Hogue’s LE grips host a fully programmable, digitally-controlled, microprocessor circuit. Hogue engineers capitalized on this advantage by programming three operating modes: steady, flashing, or stealth target. Four user selectable intensity levels are also programmed into the LE grip’s circuit offering a range of brightness to accommodate specific environments. Sophisticated power management routines ensure long life from two common CR-2032 batteries hidden under the grip on the non-laser side – an important design feature enabling battery changes that will not take the laser out of zero. Each LE grip is bore-sighted at the factory, while fine windage and elevation adjustments are controlled via small set screws. All of the grip’s programming features are accessible by a pressure-sensitve, intuitive button on the side of the grip.

Red laser models are available in OverMolded black rubber for the Springfield 911 and SIG p938, supported by a 3 year warranty and MSRP at $189.95. Hogue LE Grips are made in the USA and backed by three generations of manufacturing expertise. For more information, please call Hogue directly at 1-800-438-4747 or visit www.hougeinc.com.

Hogue's New Laser Enhanced Grips for the Springfield 911 & SIG P938

Having carried a SIG Sauer P938 myself for a number of years, the tiny pistol would do well to have these added to it for an extra layer of aiming security, as well as an improvement over the stock grips that the P938 comes with. While this doesn’t apply to me, laser grips are often popular with people who wear eyeglasses, and who want an aiming solution that they can still effectively use, even if their glasses aren’t on or their vision is otherwise impaired. Would you ever consider putting laser grips on any of your home defense or concealed carry firearms? Let us know in the comments!

Hogue's New Laser Enhanced Grips for the Springfield 911 & SIG P938

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