Heavy Duty Sights For Colt Python & Anaconda Revolvers From D&L Sports


Dave Lauck of D&L Sports is now offering heavy duty sights for Colt Python and Anaconda revolvers, much like what he’s already provided for Smith & Wesson revolvers that we covered earlier on TFB. The new Colt revolver heavy duty sights are fixed, and feature a U notch in the rear sight. The heavy duty sights from D&L Sports can also be custom ordered to include tritium inserts.

D&L Sports @ TFB:

Mr. Lauck’s description of the Colt Revolver Heavy Duty Sights can be read below:

A limited run of D&L heavy duty fixed Python/Anaconda sights is now in stock. First come, first serve.

D&L sights continue to be the most heavy duty sights available. Made from single blocks of solid steel for demanding shooters who operate in demanding conditions. These sights are made to provide a superior sight picture and hold zero in all hard use environments.

The dimensions of D&L sights are suited to accepting front and rear tritium night inserts, with and without colored rings around the night inserts (white and or orange rings). The rear sight can be machined into a square notch, or a faster, wider U notch, which provides a nest for a front night dot, fiber optic dot, or gold bead. The U notch nest for a dot front sight has become very popular with speed shooters and defense shooters.

D&L sight dimensions are such that most revolvers are zeroed upon installation of the sights. However, if the zero needs to be fine tuned, they can be machined into a perfect zero for a specific load.

The front sight is a simple change out by using the factory front locking screw in the front of the vent rib over the barrel.

The rear sight is a simple matter of completely removing the factory rear sight assembly, then screwing the new D&L rear sight in place with the supplied hold down screw. For those who know the rigors of hard use duty, and belt and suspender shooters, the current production D&L rear sight has an additional tiny pilot hole in front of the standard hold down screw. This pilot hole will keep you on center if you decide to have your gunsmith drill and tap in a secondary hold down screw. Recommended insurance to maintain your zero in all conditions.

Contact DLS inc for current availability.

Heavy Duty Sights For Colt Python
Heavy Duty Sights For Colt Python

D&L Sports’ run of heavy duty sights for Colt Python and Anaconda models is limited, but even if you miss out, make sure to contact Mr. Lauck to show him your interest in the next run. The base price for this sight set (with new mounting screws) is $95. You can view the Python and Anaconda sights HERE, or go to DLSports.com to see all of their other products.

What do you think about the new heavy duty Colt revolver sights from D&L Sports? If you’ve already been using their S&W versions, let us know how your experience has been.

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