GREG GUTFELD: Mariannette Miller-Meeks 'missed an opportunity' to grill COVID era official on the lives ruined


All right, so she had a chance to nail Fauci, instead it’s a skirt that made her grouchy. So what would you do if you had one of the architects of the COVID-19 lockdown sitting in front of you, besides strangling him with a dirty N95 mask, what would you ask him if you had to answer your questions under penalty of perjury? 

Personally, I want to know how Anthony Fauci makes such delicious cookies while operating out of a tree or maybe I’d ask about the pandemic lockdowns that didn’t work, the businesses shuttered, the years of school learning lost, the masks that didn’t work, or the vaccines that may or may not have. Point is, Congress had a chance to nail these clowns and like Stormy Daniels, they kept blowing it. 

Dr. David Morens, senior adviser to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, appeared before the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability yesterday. He’s accused of getting around Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests by deleting emails and using a personal account. That’s a big no no or at least it’s supposed to be. After all, this is a federal agency, not an Ashley Madison account. 


The FOIA is supposed to keep the government honest and transparent, just like the freezer bag they store Biden in overnight. It’s supposed to inform Americans about how our taxes are being spent, because creating a biological super weapon should come with a little transparency. It’s like when I negotiate at the Bunny Ranch, I want to know exactly what my money is buying. But Fauci and his underlings covered up their communications like it was Dana Perino’s crack habit. You didn’t know? 

Well, to get around FOIA they broke the law. That’s not my opinion either, that’s what Morens himself put in writing: “The FOIAs are dreadful and paranoia-inducing… We are all smart enough to know to never have smoking guns, and if we did, we wouldn’t put them in emails and if we found them, we’d delete them.” 

Well, nothing like putting in writing how you avoid putting stuff in writing. That email has more smoking guns than an NRA family picnic. So that’s a confession to a federal crime and he’s bragging that breaking the law is just part of government culture, like stealing office supplies or weaponizing the DOJ. But these are your saviors, folks. So Congress had this clown dead to rights. They had a direct confession written by his own hand, that an entire branch of the government has been violating federal law as a matter of course. And what did they do about it? Here’s Mariannette Miller-Meeks, Republican representative from Iowa, questioning Morens.

MARIANNETTE MILLER-MEEKS: Doctor Morens, I can understand how very difficult it is for you to be here. You’ve had an illustrious career. You went to undergrad and medical school at a very prestigious university… You’re dual-board certified, which is not an easy thing to do, to have dual board certification… So can you tell us just very briefly, how difficult is it to get into medical school, especially in the 70s and 80s?

Wow. Oh, someone’s getting flirty. Illustrious, prestigious and then dual-board certification. My God, he’s like Doogie Howser, but old and not gay. I hope she keeps going. I wonder, was it easy to get in med school?


MARIANNETTE MILLER-MEEKS: Was it easy to get into med school? Is it easy to get into medical school?

DR. DAVID MORENS: It was never easy, and particularly for somebody like me, when I applied to medical school, the only science course I’d ever had was ninth grade general biology.

MARIANNETTE MILLER-MEEKS: And do you know what Alpha Omega Alpha is?

DR. DAVID MORENS: I believe that’s an honorary, an honorary, like, fraternity or society for medical students.

MARIANNETTE MILLER-MEEKS: National Medical honor society. Is it easy to get into Alpha Omega Alpha?

DR. DAVID MORENS: I don’t believe it is.

MARIANNETTE MILLER-MEEKS: Is it more prestigious to get in in the third year or the fourth year?

DR. DAVID MORENS: I don’t know.


So now we’re asking about fraternities. What is this, the dating game? What’s next? Hey, what’s the strangest place you ever made whoopee? Mind you okay, she gets five minutes to grill him. So what she ask next?


MARIANNETTE MILLER-MEEKS: Do you know what a kilt is?



DR. DAVID MORENS: K-I-L-T? Like a Scottish kilt?



MARIANNETTE MILLER-MEEKS: Okay and do you know what a pteruges is?

DR. DAVID MORENS: Say again.

MARIANNETTE MILLER-MEEKS: It’s Roman garb, such as Roman soldiers wear, sort of like a skirt.

DR. DAVID MORENS: I don’t, I don’t think I know that word.

But there’s no real reason why you should. Pteruges. That’s p-t-e-r-u-g-e-s, pteruges. He didn’t realize it was going to be a spelling bee. Where’s a 12-year-old Indian kid when you need them? Remember, this is a congressional hearing about the government’s response to COVID-19, which happened in 2020. Not the year 20. Then for some reason, Miller-Meeks starts reading out her resume to remind him of how smart she is. After which she started ranting about skirts. [00:07:49][37.3]

MARIANNETTE MILLER-MEEKS: Well, I left home at 16 to put myself through medical school. I was the last person entered in my medical school class at the University of Texas in 1982. The last person. By the third year, I was 12th out of 214 students, Alpha Omega Alpha in the third year. I think merit is extraordinarily important. A pteruges is a skirt. A kilt is a skirt. I don’t think William Wallace was any less a hero in Scotland because he wore a kilt. Nor do I think Roman soldiers were any less fierce, intelligent or strategic because they wore a skirt.

Yeah. Me neither, I guess, but now I see where this is going, and it has nothing to do with COVID. It’s sexism, which is, and yet another ism that trumps everything else that matters.


MARIANNETTE MILLER-MEEKS: So I’m having a hard time understanding why in 2021, I would have expected it when I was in medical school in 1982, but why in 2021, and I can understand the embarrassment of having personal emails shared, but you are doing work related stuff on your personal emails, that you would have commented in an email: Dr. Fauci got Rochelle Walensky her job as CDC director by lobbying for her to Ron Klain. Well, she does wear a skirt, I poured a little cold water on her, but he was undeterred in thinking that she is the cats pajamas.

Oh-oh. She’s going to go off on cats pajama now, isn’t she?

MARIANNETTE MILLER-MEEKS: But so let me just say, am I the cat’s pajama? Do you know how many women sit on this subcommittee? You know what to take for any of these women to get elected to Congress. Because I find your comments to be disgusting. You had an illustrious career and an amazing track to get to where you are. You’re trusted with one of the highest positions in government to combat public health crisis and instead of doing your job, you’re too busy worrying about avoiding FOIAs and challenging someone’s position because they happen to wear a skirt.

So after millions are dead, businesses and livelihoods destroyed, what gets this lady’s panties in a twist is the skirt you wear over it? Now she’s almost out of time, surely she’s going to ask something useful that Americans might actually be curious about, right?

MARIANNETTE MILLER-MEEKS: You should be ashamed of your character and embarrassed. I am glad that you are and you should, in fact, apologize to this subcommittee, to Congress, and to our nation. With that, I yield.

DR. DAVID MORENS: May I apologize to you and the committee. It’s a misogynistic statement. And, you know, it was the same snarky, joking stuff, but let me say, I’ve been an a–.

MARIANNETTE MILLER-MEEKS: Sir, that’s not a snarky joke. That is an underlying behavior that indicates how you approach women and how you think of women and it’s disgusting.

No, you know what’s disgusting, you dummy, that this is how you chose to spend our time and our money. I think I speak for all of us. Thank God you’re in government and can hold men accountable for their cheesy emails. Maybe after this you can blow the lid off on who left the toilet seat up in the Senate bathroom. 

What a missed opportunity. Never mind the cover-up, the deletions, the lives ruined, civil liberty violations, and students who can’t count to ten if you spot them four through nine. Sure, these ——– lied to us and covered up their misdeeds while we all suffered for their dishonesty and incompetence, but their real crime was making sexist jokes at work. We’ll probably never going to get the whole story about the COVID-19 disaster and this cretin isn’t helping, and it has nothing to do with gender. 

You don’t need a set of balls to keep your eye on the ball. They had a COVID liad on the ropes but left the questioning to dopes.

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