GREG GUTFELD: ‘Artificial emotion’ is contagious


Greg Gutfeld discusses how Tennessee Rep. Justin Pearson has evolved to take on a charade in the same way that many prior politicians and figures have done and how performances have become a central part of politics on “Gutfeld.”


So once again, here’s a theory I’d like to share with you. I got more of them than Kilmeade’s got hair plugs. I have totally a totally unnecessary. It was unnecessary. We’re starting early. Thank you. But I want to talk about how performance has replaced belief from politics to the classroom to social media. Let’s start with the Democrats newest star, Justin Pearson. He’s one of the Tennessee Dems who started a near riot in a government building and disrupted a legislative session with a bullhorn. But to understand how he’s now a star, let’s go back a bit. Here he is in 2016 while in college. 

Oh, my God. He seems like the nicest young man ever running for school office, and he makes so much sense. Here he is now. 

Amazing. Malcolm in the Middle became Malcolm X in the middle. I haven’t seen a transition like this since this guy became this girl. All right. But since Pearson led a revolt in a government building, he’s now a liberal darling. If Republicans did that, they’d be in jail. Well, unless they’re FBI informants. But instead of getting shot or put in solitary, Democrats get worshiped like me when I do yoga at the local nude beach. But it’s such a transformation for Pearson. It makes you wonder how authentic is it? It’s happened before. Let’s go to the first tape, Clarence. 

You know, I would call that a distinct improvement. But you see how contagious artificial emotion can be. It’s the source code of the new woke where the performance matters and nothing else. It’s happening more because we incentivize it. I mean, why do men suddenly decide that they’re women? They’ve been incentivized. Suddenly that non-binary male is on par with the actual female in the area of rights. That’s a first. Now, in articles decrying sexual discrimination, females and trans females are grouped together, even if they’re still biological men. Not bad, right? You still get to have a penis but also become a protected class and wear pumps. Our old friend Kayla Lemieux totally got it. The Canadian teacher with fake breasts the size of a dairy farm – he decided to exploit the identity politics grift to the point of absurdity. Here’s new video from this week. Again, he’s back to his normal self. 

Kayla had said those breasts magically grew organically. He said it was a symptom of gigantism. But now they’re gone. Now, did they shrink in the cold? It happens, trust me. But now everyone’s a performance artist with beliefs as fluid as deer piss. And speaking of deer piss, you see that sales of Bud Light. 

Thanks to partnering with Dylan Mulvaney, the performance artist who, like the Canadian teacher, indulged stereotypes of women and drove beer sales into the toilet. One bar owner in Saint Louis, where Bud is headquartered, said sales of Bud dropped 50% over the past week. Another in New York City said Bud Light bottle sales were down 70% and a bar in Texas that usually sells three kegs of Bud Light a week sold four bottles. The big picture, according to the New York Post, Anheuser-Busch lost more than $5 billion in value during this controversy. And why? Because consumers are keenly aware of inauthenticity. It’s as phony as Jesse’s last rap album. And the reaction to all this is healthy because, you know, this isn’t a left wing boycott. It’s just consumers registering their exhaustion with force-fed virtue signaling nonsense. They’re sick of the performances. Of course, Justin Pearson isn’t the first politician to fake it. Remember this. 

Whatever you say. Weezy Jefferson. My favorite Jefferson. But sometimes politicians do get caught. Yeah. Sacagawea And it’s not just politicians. Remember Alec Baldwin’s wife? 

It never gets old. How you say cucumber. I want that on my tombstone. In fact, as cucumbers are really an underrated medical device. So what? That’s what we’re asking. Yes. Pearson, I got to get Pearson credit in an era of wokeism. We’re pretending to be aggrieved is required Pearson dope in headfirst to get ahead. Play the victim, game the system. But like someone famous once said, don’t hate the player hate the game. You know, I believe it was this guy. 

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