Glow in the dark Flashlight? The Pelican 3310ELS


There was always this joke about the dubious usefulness of a flashlight that glows in the dark. Pelican has created just such a thing. But instead of it Languishing in the bottom of a drawer with dead batteries, and no external light to charge its luminous exterior, the Pelican 3310ELS is an emergency lighting station that mounts to an easy-to-find location on your wall with a clear case so your house lights can shine down on it so it glows when they go out.

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Pelican 3310ELS

According to the Pelican 3310ELS product page:

When the power goes out, the Pelican™ 3310 ELS appears: a self-contained glowing beacon and flashlight that’s easy to locate in the dark. Housed in a clear tamper-proof case, the Pelican™ 3310 ELS mounts to the wall in the home, office or factory, making it available during any power outage. The new Pelican™ 3310 ELS: You’ll never lose it.

Pelican 3310ELS


Specs and Features:

  • 378 Lumens
  • Signaling mode for search and rescue scenarios
  • 378 lumens of light output
  • Wall mountable case for ease of access (hardware included)
  • Great for emergency preparedness
  • Ingress Protected IPX8 Submersible
  • Pelican’s Lifetime warranty

While some of you may laugh at the idea, with this mounted to the wall under direct light inside your house, when the lights go out, it’ll instantly start glowing. If you’re saying “What if it’s already dark and the glow ran out?” Well, look at it this way. If that’s the case why are you sitting in the pitch black? Any light from TVs or computer monitors will provide enough charge that it’ll be visible when it goes pitch black.

The Pelican 3310ELS is available now for $45.89 on Amazon. Is this something you can see being useful in your home, office or garage? Let us know in the comments below!

Images from Pelican’s Website and the product page.

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