GFORCE Huckleberry: Affordable .357 Lever-Action


The Huckleberry is currently available in two finishes, including this “blued” style. [GFORCE]

Are you looking for a lever-action rifle, but you can’t believe how much prices have risen in the past five years? The Turkish firearms industry has a solution for you, and it’s now being sold in the U.S. as the GFORCE Huckleberry.

Lever Action Rifles @ TFB:

GFORCE is actually a US-based firearms importer, working out of Reno, Nevada. They’ve partnered with Turkish manufacturer Huğtek Arms. TFBTV showed you a couple of their lever-action offerings at SHOT Show this past January:

Details were somewhat limited at that point, as the Huğtek Arms rep wasn’t sure of U.S. pricing for its .357 lever-action rifle. Now we know that GFORCE is going to sell the Huckleberry for $577.99.

The Huckleberry is based on an updated Model 92 design. The modernized take on John Moses Browning’s classic rifle sees a more modular design that allows the shooter to easily switch out furniture, sights, or other components. As you can see in the video above, this rifle exists in multiple formats, depending on whether you want M-LOK attachments or a John Wayne look.


GFORCE currently lists two versions of this rifle. One has a stainless finish, one has a blued finish—but if those rifles have an aluminum receiver, like the rifle in James’ videos above, then that “blued” finish is baked or painted on, or some other kind of coating—definitely not a traditional bluing job.

Both the GFORCE rifles have 20-inch barrels, with walnut stock. Some parts like the trigger, locking bolt and other small bits have a stainless finish. Up front, there’s a fiber optic sight that combines with a leaf-style rear sight for low-light accuracy. The barrel length is 20 inches. The tube mag will take 10 rounds. The asking price for the stainless model is $709.99 (currently on sale for $619.99) and the “blued” model is $699.99 (currently on sale for $599.99).

Expect similar rifles from other manufacturers in the near future. GFORCE first introduced a .410 lever shotgun a couple of years back, and other companies with similar products are likely to do the same. At SHOT Show 2024, Derya said they’d be introducing a similar .357 lever rifle based on their .410 shotgun as well. Perhaps a Turkish-led return to affordable lever actions is just around the corner?

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