Georgia Man’s TSA Checked PSA Dagger Goes Missing; PSA Says, “He’ll be taken care of!”


ATLANTA, GA – A Gwinnett County gun owner is facing a baffling and alarming situation after his registered firearm, a custom-modified PSA Dagger, vanished en route to South Florida. Despite adhering to all required procedures for checking in a firearm with Delta Air Lines, including using an approved gun box, the owner discovered upon arrival that his weapon was missing.

The gun owner, who preferred to remain anonymous, recounted the meticulous steps he took at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on March 7th to ensure his firearm’s security. After witnessing his gun being properly processed and X-rayed by TSA, he was surprised to learn in Fort Lauderdale that his luggage, containing the gun, had been delayed. A Delta agent in Fort Lauderdale initially informed him the weapon was still in Atlanta, but upon his return, was told the system now showed no record of the gun being checked in at all.

The disappearance has led the gun owner to suspect theft, especially given the lack of updates or explanations from the authorities involved. “A gun disappeared in the airport and nobody is taking it seriously, or wants to find it, and now it’s out of the system?” he expressed his frustration.

This incident underscores the importance of following the proper procedures for checking firearms at airports. Travelers must declare their firearm, ensure it is unloaded, and secure it in a locked, hard-sided case. Additionally, using tracking devices such as Apple AirTags can provide owners with an extra layer of security by allowing them to track their luggage and firearm.

In a positive turn, Palmetto State Armory, the manufacturer of the missing PSA Dagger, has reached out to offer support after being contacted by the news station. They’ll most likely replace the missing firearm, stating, “He will be taken care of!”

Delta Air Lines and TSA have yet to respond to inquiries about the incident. The situation remains unresolved, leaving the gun owner and the community concerned about the security of checked firearms at airports. This case serves as a reminder of the challenges and risks associated with transporting firearms by air and the importance of taking additional steps to ensure their safety.

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