Former NFL player Jack Brewer discusses ex-Steelers star’s ‘white guys’ slight


Former NFL player Jack Brewer discussed a social media post from former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall that drew wide-ranging responses.

Mendenhall wrote he was “sick of average white guys commenting on football” and called for an “All-Black vs. All-White bowl” to replace the Pro Bowl.

On Wednesday, Brewer appeared on OutKick’s “Don’t @ Me with Dan Dakich” and agreed people aren’t tuning into sports commentary shows because of a person’s skin color.

“Dan, people tune into your show because they want to hear your perspective. They don’t care if you’re White, Black, green or purple,” Brewer said. “For me to come and say, ‘Hey, Dan can’t break down football’ or ‘his analysis is not as pure’ because he didn’t run a 4.3,

“I think that’s when idiocy kicks in because it really makes no sense to be able to use your logic and to communicate with people and engage the audience. All those skills – those count too. It’s more than just skin color.”


Rashard Mendenhall in 2012

Dakich said he wanted to go to the experts for their professional opinions, and if he didn’t like what they were saying he would just turn off the TV.

“I remember watching Tony Romo as a player,” Brewer said. “He was a much better commentator than he was a player in my eyes because he can literally relate to the audience and tell you exactly what he was seeing from the field perspective, and everyone couldn’t do that. It was a clear advantage.

Jack Brewer in December 2022

“But, at the same time, no one is gonna tell us that when we popped up on ESPN and watched some of the greatest of the greats present the games — Stuart Scott and those individuals like that — that we didn’t love their commentating because they had a skill set that was unique and something that appealed to the audience. To discount that, I think, is outlandish.”

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