Finer Firepower: Taurus 692 Executive Grade


If you want a Taurus wheelgun with a finer finish, the new 692 Executive offers that, with more hitting power than previous entries in the series. [Taurus]

The new Taurus 692 Executive Grade revolver takes the formula of the 856-series Executive model and offers more hitting power, including two different chambering options.

Taurus @ TFB:

When the Taurus 856 Executive Grade appeared in 2022 with a bobbed hammer and classy, futuristic brushed stainless finish, we reviewed it here and our readers had some comments on their own. One complaint worth noting is a wish that the revolver had come chambered in .357 Magnum, not .38 Special +P.

692 executive

There was a good reason for using the tamer .38-cal option. The lightweight cylinder would have potentially had issues with the walls cracking if Taurus had gone with the magnum round.

They seem to have sorted that out with the newer revolver, as the Taurus 692 Executive Grade is available in your choice of .357 Magnum or 9x19mm. The revolver ships with seven-round cylinders for either chambering, and the owner can easily and quickly switch out to their preferred cartridge.

692 executive

As with the other Executive Grade handguns, Taurus has its employees put special attention into these revolvers, putting them together carefully to make sure everything is tuned up and working smoothly. Here’s how their website describes the new 692s:

Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail and precision engineering, the Executive Grade 692 boasts a custom hand-tuned trigger system for unparalleled accuracy and control. Its innovative switch cylinder design allows for seamless transition between 9mm and .357 Magnum cylinders with a simple push of a button, unmatched by any other revolver on the market. The ported barrel reduces felt recoil, while the target barrel ensures pinpoint accuracy with every shot. With its exclusive, dedicated assembly area and hand-polished satin finish, the Executive Grade 692 epitomizes luxury and sophistication in firearm craftsmanship. Elevate your collection with the versatile Taurus Executive Grade 692.

Ported barrel, quick-change cylinders, adjustable rear sight and more hitting power: All big upgrades from the original Executive series two years back.

MSRP for this revolver is $1106.99. See tech specs below, with more info and photos at the Taurus website.


  • FRAME SIZE – Medium
  • BARREL LENGTH – 3.00 In.
  • OVERALL LENGTH – 8.14 In.
  • OVERALL HEIGHT – 5.66 In.
  • OVERALL WIDTH – 1.50 In.
  • OVERALL WEIGHT – 35.00 Oz. (Unloaded)
  • TWIST RATE – 1:10-in RH Twist
  • GROOVES – 6

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