'Fed up' Bronx residents show up to support Trump: 'The Bronx came out today, heavy'


New Yorkers are voicing their support for former President Trump’s re-election bid as thousands flocked to his Bronx, N.Y., campaign event. 

Lattina Brown, who was introduced as a Democrat on “The Ingraham Angle,” said she is voting for Trump because it’s “time for a change in leadership.” 

“We’ve been voting down the same party for years now and nothing has changed,” Brown told Fox News on Thursday. “Things have gotten out of control. We’re dealing with housing situations. We’re dealing with homelessness, the mentally ill, crime. There’s a lot happening here — inflation — so it’s time that we unite – Democrats, Republicans, independents and conservatives – and start voting in this general election. We need a change in leadership, and I have to do what I have to do as a community advocate to unite the people.” 


Madeline Brame, a national victims’ rights advocate and New York City resident, told “The Ingraham Angle” it is “imperative” to “restore law and order in New York City and every major city across this country.” 

“We have so many mothers that are down at the mall identifying their dead child’s body,” Brame said. “We have so many young people who have lost their lives at the hands of someone who looks just like them. We need to focus on initiatives that are going to help our young people avoid incarceration. Number one: We need to replace those drugs and those guns with something like a hammer and some nails, and some sheet rock, and some metal work, and iron work. We need to replace those things.” 

Bronx resident Lattina Brown and NYC resident Madeline Brame reveal why they came out to support former President Trump at his Bronx event on 'The Ingraham Angle.'

Brown, one of the organizers of the Trump march held in the South Bronx, said the pre-rally team wanted to send a “strong message” to the Democrats and the DNC that they will “not sit back and allow them to destroy our country.” 


“We want common-sense leadership, and I think that’s what President Trump is saying — he’s trying to unite all of us together. We should not be fighting,” she said. “It shouldn’t be about Republicans, Democrats, conservatives. It should be about all of us coming to the forefront to really send a strong message, and if you look at the people standing here at this park, the Bronx came out today, heavy.”

“That pre-rally, it gained us so much national attention. It sent a strong message that we are just fed up.” 

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