FB Radom VIS 100 M1 Magazines & Spare Parts Kits Are Now Available


Last year, the Polish FB Radom VIS 100 M1 pistol made its debut in the United States thanks to Arms of America working with FB Radom to import it for the U.S. market. VIS 100 M1 pistols are still for sale at Arms of America and Atlantic Firearms, but they also recently added spare VIS 100 M1 magazines and parts kits. Spare 10-round magazines have been available during the earlier batches of importation, however, 15-round and 17-round magazines are now available on both dealers’ websites.

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In case you’re just now hearing about the FB Radom VIS 100 M1 pistol, it’s an upgraded version of the VIS 100 model that was adopted by the Polish Armed Forces in 2018. The “M1” designation denotes the addition of being optics ready, and the inclusion of fiber optic inserts on the iron sights. My full review of the VIS 100 M1 can be viewed HERE if you’re interested in learning more.

FB Radom VIS 100 M1 Magazines and Spare Parts


Some admirers of the VIS 100 M1 mentioned that they were happy to see them being imported, but looked forward to future in-country support for the pistol with available spare parts. Arms of America lists the decocker, barrel, and spare VIS 100 M1 magazines as stand-alone items, while the smaller spare parts kits and magazines are available at Atlantic Firearms. VIS 100 M1 parts kits include the following:

  • Extractor and extractor spring
  • Firing pin and firing pin retaining pin
  • Firing pin spring
  • Recoil spring
  • Mainspring
  • Grip screw and washer
  • Front and rear sight (with set screw)
FB Radom VIS 100 M1 Magazines and Spare Parts
FB Radom VIS 100 M1 Magazines and Spare Parts
FB Radom VIS 100 M1 Magazines and Spare Parts

The VIS 100 M1 spare parts kit as shown above is listed on Atlantic Firearms’ website for $189. The 17 and 15-round magazines are listed on Arms of America’s website at $69.99 and $59.99 respectively. The spare barrel is listed at $119.95, and the VIS 100 M1 pistols range from $939 to $1149 depending on color and finish.

Doug E

Doug E

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