Dillon M134D Miniguns for Swedish Amphibious Battalion 2030


Photo: FMV

The Swedish Defense Materiel Works (FMV) has signed a framework agreement with Equipnor AB, for Dillon M134D Miniguns for Sweden’s amphibious battalions. The gun is electrically powered and can fire 3,000 rounds of 7.62mm per minute, providing a higher probability of hitting targets and achieving local fire superiority in a short time. The framework agreement can be used by the entire Swedish Armed Forces. The initial agreement extends to 2026, with an option to extend it two years at a time. The total value amounts to about 28 million USD. FMV’s mission is to modernize the Amphibious Battalion 2030, and a number of different systems are on the way to be procured.

Miniguns and Sweden @ TFB:

Here is the press release (machine translated):

New fast-firing machine gun in comprehensive framework agreement

FMV has signed a framework agreement with Equipnor AB for rapid-firing machine guns for the amphibious battalions. The system will initially arm Stridsbåt 90, but may eventually also be relevant for other parts of the Swedish Armed Forces.

The machine gun, which is manufactured by Dillon Aero Inc., is electrically powered and can fire about 3,000 rounds per minute. It provides better conditions for hitting targets when the firing platform is in motion and is desirable when, for example, the battleships are in rough seas. The high rate of fire also provides better conditions for achieving local fire superiority in a short time, which makes it easier for the unit to solve its ordinary combat tasks.

The process of acquiring a new support weapon for the amphibious battalions began already in 2012 when the FMV carried out the first tests of various systems. Several tests have since followed to ensure that the procured system is suitable for a range of different combat situations.

– We see that this system will significantly increase the firepower of an individual unit. It works well together with existing equipment and will be a welcome addition to the Swedish Armed Forces, says Patrik Almqvist, project manager at FMV.

Modern equipment for amphibious units

The amphibious battalions are in the midst of a major change and FMV’s mission is to equip the units with modern equipment. Within Amphibious Battalion 2030, as the investment in amphibious units is called, a number of different systems are to be procured and the majority are currently in a preparation or product definition phase. In that context, the new machine gun will be one of the first systems to be procured, which already increases the units’ capabilities in the short term.

The agreement is a framework agreement that will be able to be used for calls by the entire Armed Forces.

– There has been a fantastic commitment from everyone involved. We have created a good team spirit and have managed to reach our goals on time despite a tight schedule, says Frida Ollas, strategic buyer at FMV.

The framework agreement includes an entire system solution and there is the possibility to request extra accessories such as sights, laser pointers and other equipment as needed.

Initially, the agreement extends to 2026 with the option to extend two years at a time. The total value amounts to around SEK 300 million during the contract period.

Dillon M134D Miniguns for Swedish Amphibious Battalion 2030

Read about the Swedish Amphibious Battalion 2030 here.

Source: FMV

Read the full article here


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