B&T USA Drops The Big Hammer With The SPR86 In 8.6 Blackout


B&T USA Drops The Big Hammer With The SPR86 In 8.6 Blackout

Our friends at B&T USA have just announced the release of the SPR86 – an integrally suppressed bolt action rifle chambered in 8.6 Blackout. The SPR86 is the older/bigger sibling to the B&T USA SPR300 Pro chambered in 300BLK (one of my remaining grail guns). Upsizing the 300BLK platform, the 8.6BLK SPR86 launches heavier bullets farther with the same level of extreme accuracy. Pricing, details, and additional information can be found in the press release below.

More B&T USA @ TFB:

B&T USA Drops The Big Hammer With The SPR86 In 8.6 Blackout

Tampa, FL (June 12, 2024) – After extensive development and end user trials, B&T USA is proud to announce the release of its long-awaited SPR86 to the commercial market. A large caliber variant of the venerable SPR300 PRO; the SPR86 chambered in 8.6 Blackout ships as a deployment kit — just add the glass. This kit includes scope rings, a rail extension for clip-on optical devices, two 10-rd magazines, a folding QD bipod, and a padded discreet soft case. The new SPR86 is available in both pistol and SBR configurations; featuring a full-length printed Titanium reflex suppressor system and is SR25/AR10-pattern magazine compatible.

“The original purchasing element of the SPR300 platform required a compact, stowable, precision rifle that was discreet to transport and capable of sub-MOA accuracy out to 150 meters with subsonic ammunition” said Chris Mudgett, Vice President of Marketing for B&T USA. “8.6 Blackout is changing end user requirements thanks to asubstantial increase in capability in the form of effective range, intermediate barrier penetration and terminal performance when compared with 300BLK — without any sacrifice in platform weight or sound/flash performance. With a net increase of just 100 grams and an overall length increase of just over an inch, the SPR86 is the future.”

About the SPR86

Developed off the SPR300 concept, the SPR86 took the lessons learned from its predecessor and upgraded them with a negligible weight increase. Chambered in the 8.6 Blackout cartridge, the platform is capable of accurately launching 300 gr.+ projectiles at subsonic velocities hundreds of meters with precision accuracy. Through extensive testing, the SPR86 has achieved the same levels of accuracy users have come to expect from B&T. MSRP is listed at $5,525 and units will begin shipping 4th quarter 2024.

About B&T USA

B&T US is a Florida-based firearms, suppressor, and accessories manufacturer operating under the license of B&T AG SWITZERLAND, which was founded in 1991 as a designer and manufacturer of the industry’s most advanced suppressors. Under the leadership of Karl Brügger, B&T AG has evolved into a world leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of the most technologically advanced, high-performance weapons systems in the world. From the comprehensive APC (Advanced Police Carbine) line, recently adopted by the United States Army, to the new 9mm USW® (Universal Service Weapon) and USW conversion kit,; B&T weapon systems are used globally by police, Special Forces, and elite military units. For more information on B&T USA, visit: www.bt-usa.com

B&T USA Drops The Big Hammer With The SPR86 In 8.6 Blackout

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