Annex Defense Launches Rubber Protective Case For Garmin Xero C1


Garmin’s Xero C1 chronograph is the hottest chrono on the market, but Annex Defense is making it even better. The new rubber protective case adds an additional layer of insurance around these $600 pocket chronographs. Let’s look at the available models.

Chronographs @ TFB:

This new rubber protective cover looks a lot like the cell phone cases that many of us use on our devices. Adding an extra rubber jacket protects the electronics inside from drops, falls, or rough handling. I generally transport my personal Garmin Xero inside the case which also protects my GoPro camera and accessories. It is not that I think the Xero is delicate, because it seems fairly robust, but protecting your tools from unnecessary wear goes a long way to keeping them serviceable through the years.

There are two versions and three colors of rubber protective cases. Users have the option of case with or without an added sun shade that cuts down on glare from the screen. In addition to the sun shade option, the cases are available in flat dark earth, black, and hunter orange colors. If you want a little additional protection, they also offer screen protectors for the Xero.

All models cost $19.95 and are available for order on the Annex Defense website.

Annex Defense Launches Rubber Protective Case For Garmin Xero C1

From the manufacturer:

The ANNEX Protective Cover for the Garmin Xero C1 Chronograph is engineered to protect your chronograph from drops, impacts and accidents. Made from molded ultra-durable elastomer, the Annex XERO Chronograph cover is precision fit to absorb fall damage while maintaining a tight fit. Available with (and without) an integrated sunshade that also assists in protecting the screen from flying brass and debris.

Annex Defense Launches Rubber Protective Case For Garmin Xero C1

All images from Annex Defense

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