Amtac Gear Teases the New NorthmanX Fixed EDC Blade


Fans of our YouTube channel will know that several TFB staff including TFBTV Executive Producer James Reeves often carry the Amtac Gear Northman fixed EDC blade. Amtac is well known for making some best flat ground cutting tools suitable for everything from opening boxes to defending yourself in a situation where a gun might not be the best choice. The new NorthmanX isn’t available yet but Amtac Blades has released a teaser for the new blade which should start shipping sometime in November of this year.

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Amtac Gear Teases the New NorthmanX Fixed EDC Blade

The NorthmanX seems to be a blend of a couple of other Northman designs including the original Northman, the Minuteman which features a larger handle, and of course the Magnus which is much longer and features both a larger blade and handle compared to that of the Minuteman. The new Northman X will pair the Minuteman grip with the Northman Blade to give the user a compact EDC blade with a handle that is more comfortable and easier to hold when cutting and slicing.

Amtac Gear Teases the New NorthmanX Fixed EDC Blade

The NorthmanX is a small fixed blade knife designed to replace the cutting tool carried in your pocket. The NorthmanX is quickly deployable and rugged enough for backcountry use, and this blade is also great for combatives.

The newest blade in the Amtac Blades lineup features a 3.5 inch flat ground blade with a swedge starting 1.5 inches from the handle. This blade geometry allows for great thrusting ability and strength. The 1.5 inches of spine directly forward of the handle has a semi sharp 90° angle to facilitate better striking of a ferro rod and other backcountry tasks. The handle of the NorthmanX is 3 3/4 inches long.

The NorthmanX blade is designed primarily for pocket carry and comes standard with a pocket firesheath, but there will be belt firesheaths available as a separate purchase. Due to larger handle, the NorthmanX facilities a more solid draw stroke when deployed from the belt sheath.

The blade, firesheath, trainer, and storage sheath are included.

Amtac Gear Teases the New NorthmanX Fixed EDC Blade

The NorthmanX will be available in both a serrated and non-serrated configuration and of course “Sterile” versions which will feature no serial number or other markings on the blade or handle. The trainer included with each of the blades is there to allow you to be able to train drawing and resheathing the blade without significant risk to you or others. The NorthmanX will be made from Böhler M390 steel which is renowned for its great edge retention and wear resistance. You can currently pre-order the NorthmanX from the Amtac Blades website for a price of $500 and those who purchase can expect to see their blades ship to them this November.

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