5 ways personal trainers positively impact your workout routine


Whether you are a new gym-goer or a seasoned visitor, you could likely benefit from a personal trainer.

The gym can be an uncertain place for some people, especially when you are walking through those doors on your own for the first few times.

Often, new gym-goers feel hesitant about where to go, what equipment to use, which section of the body to work out, whom to ask questions — and more. It can be overwhelming.


Additionally, seasoned fitness gurus often find routines to be mundane or repetitive and progress to be slowed or stagnant.

Don’t let the fear of the unknown or the repetition of leg day stop you from getting in a great workout. 

Consider a personal trainer who can introduce you to a well-rounded regimented workout, a schedule, new movements, equipment and a whole new attitude.

Here are a few reasons to consider working with a personal trainer.

  1. They’ll hold you accountable
  2. Form, form, form
  3. The plan will be tailored to you
  4. You can receive nutritional advice and meal plans
  5. They will mix up your workouts

1. They’ll hold you accountable

This is perhaps the best reason to hire a personal trainer. Let’s be real: going to the gym is difficult sometimes. Getting up off the couch for a workout after a long workday or a busy day with the kids can be even more tiresome. If you don’t have anyone but yourself holding you accountable, it’s easy to just stay in bed and cheat yourself of a good workout, especially with the typical excuse of “I’ll start again on Monday.”

When you’ve got a personal trainer waiting on you, it’s a lot harder to back out. Personal trainers are great for accountability and will push you to try your best. If you typically work out alone but prefer to work out with a partner, a personal trainer is a great option to move through the gym with someone.

You could also potentially get fined by the gym or trainer for not showing up to a scheduled session, and who wants those extra fees?


2. Form, form, form

You could have a notepad full of the most elite workouts in the world, but if your form is off, you could run into trouble in a few ways. 

First, you could seriously injure yourself with improper form. Next, you could be targeting the wrong muscles for your specific set of goals.

It can be challenging to check your form yourself, especially if you’re initially unaware of great form. However, an educated personal trainer is fully aware of form and can both watch and show you what mistakes you might be making.

Dumbbells on a rack at the gym

3. The plan will be tailored to you

Are you training for a sport or event? Are you trying to lose weight and tone? Do you want to gain weight and bulk up?

Whatever your goals may be, a personal trainer is there to understand them and work with you to achieve them.

Personal trainers specialize in altering all different body types with training. They are aware of cardio and weight lifting combos to target specific areas of the body. If you aren’t knowledgeable on where to begin and are simply throwing yourself into a sweat, you may be hurting yourself more than helping. You are likely not going to see the results you want.

Everyone’s goals are different, so everyone’s workout plan is going to be different. Personal trainers can work with you to create a plan based on your personal goals.

4. You can receive nutritional advice and meal plans

Exercise is a huge part of staying healthy, in shape and reaching your health goals, but another major piece of the puzzle is nutrition.

If you are working out frequently but aren’t eating enough, or the diet isn’t right for your goals, your progress will slow or stop altogether.

Often, personal trainers are able to provide nutritional advice, along with workouts, based on your fitness goals.

The inside of an empty gym

5. They will mix up your workouts

Going to the gym can get extremely monotonous when you are doing the same few workouts over and over again each week.

If you have been going to the gym for a while but always participating in the same style workouts, you may be tempted to go less often. This is because your body is bored, your mind is bored, and you’re likely not seeing a change in your physique anymore.

Personal trainers can provide unique workouts that both excite you and continue to work toward your goals.

A woman doing squats at the gym with a personal trainer

Diversification in your workouts is going to offer the best results to you. In doing the same workouts, you’re targeting the same areas repeatedly and not meeting full body fitness goals.

Working out with a personal trainer will also give you a variety of new moves to incorporate into your own routines, even when you’re not scheduled with them.

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