USCCA Announces Significant Enhancements to Member Self-Defense Liability Insurance


The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) has announced a series of major improvements to its self-defense liability insurance policy for its 825,000+ members. These enhancements are designed to provide even greater protection and peace of mind to responsibly armed citizens. Effective June 5, 2024, these changes come at no additional cost to members.

Key Updates to USCCA Membership Benefits:

Impartial Coverage Determination: One of the most significant updates is that coverage is now guaranteed as long as the member’s defense attorney believes there is a good faith self-defense claim, and the judge permits the argument in court. This means that the insurance company is contractually required to grant coverage until a final, non-appealable finding of guilt is reached.

Plea Deal Coverage: Members who accept a plea deal for an offense that is not classified as a “crime of violence” will still retain their coverage. This change addresses the difficult decisions faced by gun owners when threatened with severe charges and offers greater flexibility in legal strategy.

“Red Flag” Law Coverage: The policy now includes up to $15,000 for attorney fees and expenses to defend against “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” (Red Flag laws) that could otherwise strip away gun rights. This is a crucial addition given the increasing prevalence of such laws.

Criminal Acts Exclusion Update: Coverage will not be denied simply because a member is charged with a crime. As long as a judge allows a self-defense claim in court, the member will continue to be covered, ensuring no misunderstanding about coverage limitations.

No Elective Recovery or Recoupment of Expenses: The insurance company cannot recover coverage expenses unless mandated by a government agency, ensuring that members are not penalized if found guilty, except as required by law.

Increased Bail Bond Expenses: Coverage for bail bond expenses has been increased to $250,000, which covers the upfront cost for a $2,500,000 bail bond. This increase is particularly important in jurisdictions where the legal climate is increasingly hostile to armed self-defense.

Expunging/Sealing Records Coverage: Up to $5,000 is now available for attorney fees and expenses to expunge or seal records associated with a covered incident. This addition helps members clear their names and move forward after a legal incident.

Removal of Previous Coverage Exclusions: Coverage now extends to self-defense incidents that occur in post offices, federal buildings, and includes firefighters and paramedics while on duty.

Loss of Earnings Coverage: Members can now receive funds to cover lost income in the first 30 days following a self-defense incident, regardless of whether the time off was requested by the insurance company.

Continuing Benefits:

These new enhancements build upon the existing benefits provided to USCCA members, which include:

  • Unlimited defense expenses for criminal or civil defense.
  • Up to $2,000,000 in liability insurance.
  • Up to $20,000 in incidental expenses.
  • Coverage for all acts of self-defense with any legal weapon.

For more details on these improvements and to view the fully updated policy, USCCA members can click here.

The USCCA’s commitment to enhancing its membership benefits underscores its dedication to supporting responsibly armed citizens. These updates ensure that members are better protected and have greater peace of mind in the event of a self-defense incident.

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