UAW union calls for cease-fire in Israel-Hamas war


The United Auto Workers union officially called for a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war on Friday, becoming the largest labor organization in the U.S. to do so.

The union reposted a message on X from UAW Region 9A Director Bradon Mancilla, announcing the executive board’s decision to call for a ceasefire in Israel and “Palestine,” apparently referring to Gaza. The UAW’s board is led by President Shawn Fain.

“From opposing fascism in WWII to mobilizing against apartheid South Africa and the CONTRA war, the @UAW has consistently stood for justice across the globe,” Mancilla wrote. “That is why I am proud that the UAW International is today officially calling for a ceasefire in Israel and Palestine.”

“Our International Executive Board will also be forming a Divestment and Just Transition working group to study the history of Israel and Palestine, our union’s economic ties to the conflict, and explore how we can have a just transition for US workers from war to peace,” Mancilla added.

Sarah Lazare, editor of Workday Magazine, reported that she had confirmed that the UAW had signed on to a letter sponsored by the UFCW3000 union – which represents more than 50,000 members in grocery, retail and other industries across Washington state, northeast Oregon and northern Idaho – calling for a cease-fire in Israel and “Palestine.”


“We, members of the American labor movement, mourn the loss of life in Israel and Palestine,” the letter begins. “We express our solidarity with all workers and our common desire for peace in Palestine and Israel, and we call on President Joe Biden and Congress to push for an immediate ceasefire and end to the siege of Gaza. We cannot bomb our way to peace. We also condemn any hate crimes against Muslims, Jews, or anyone else.”

The letter also says the labor union signatories join 13 members of Congress in calling for an immediate ceasefire in the conflict, but it did not name the lawmakers. A few weeks ago, 24 members of Congress led by progressive “squad” member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D, N.Y.) and others sent a letter to Biden asking him to support a ceasefire in Gaza.

The UAW did not respond to FOX Business’ request for comment on the union’s official endorsement of a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, the terrorist group that runs Gaza and sparked the war by attacking Israel on October 7. That day, the terrorists killed about 1,200 Israelis and took another 240 as hostages back to Gaza, where more than 130 remain.

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