Prepare for gas price bumps at the pump in ‘the next few days,’ GasBuddy analyst warns


After OPEC members announced surprise production cuts in its oil outputs just before the busy summer travel season, one GasBuddy analyst warned American drivers could see a gas price spike within “the next few days.”

“I think it’s just within a matter of the next few days, we’ll start to see those retail gas prices accelerating as a result of those OPEC production cuts,” GasBuddy head of petroleum analysis Patrick De Haan said on “Varney & Co.” Tuesday.

OPEC’s decision to pump 1.15 million fewer barrels of oil each day, according to the expert, may force state gas price averages to increase anywhere from 5 to 15 cents.

“The week-on-week increase is only about a nickel, but we are starting to see some signs that states are going to go up big,” De Haan clarified. “In fact, some big jumps today in the state of Ohio where prices seemingly jumping 20 to 30 cents, that’s going to spread throughout the Midwest and then into Florida. Those states tend to be bellwethers that move first.”


As of Tuesday, the price of regular gasoline averaged $3.50, according to AAA. This means if De Haan’s prediction is correct, gas prices could breach $4 in just a few weeks.

States in the Midwest and some parts of Florida have already shown signs of “price cycling,” the analyst pointed out.

“They’re the first to move, and they generally see really big corrections. So Ohio is starting to see some of those stations go up 20 to 30 cents, and I would say within the next 24 hours, we’ll likely see the same happening in Indiana and Michigan, where stations could also get closer to $4, maybe $3.85 or $3.95 in those states,” DeHaan said.

“That’s a 20 to 30-cent bump,” he emphasized, “and that’s what the rest of the nation may start to see as well with the national average potentially rising 10 to 15 cents over the next week or two.”

For those who use heavy machinery and require diesel, De Haan indicated that those retail prices “continue to moderate.”

“We should see the average price for diesel continuing to inch down. Of course, that remains a wild card if OPEC further cuts oil production or if there are any refinery hiccups, that could change,” De Haan said. “But diesel prices [are] continuing to moderate.”

But less than 60 days away is hurricane season – one factor that Lipow Oil Associates President Andy Lipow says further complicates gas prices.

“A major storm making landfall along the Gulf Coast, where 15% of the nation’s oil production and over 45% of the nation’s refinery capacity is located, can result in a significant supply disruption sending prices even higher,” Lipow previously told FOX Business.

Oil production rose to nearly 12.5 million barrels per day in January, which is the highest level since March 2020, according to data from the Energy Information Administration.


FOX Business’ Daniella Genovese contributed to this report.

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