LARRY KUDLOW: Prosecutors are trying to confiscate Mr. Trump’s businesses


I’d like to begin with a little discussion about how Donald Trump’s bankers completely blew up the Letitia James, Arthur Engoron case against the former President. Blew it up.  That’s right. A couple of Deutsche Bank folks, who had been lending hundreds of millions of dollars to Trump and the Trump organization down through the years absolutely destroyed this stupid, left-wing, New York socialist attack on Mr. Trump.   

Now, the brilliant Jonathan Turley will be here toward the backend of the show to give his erudite analysis from a legal standpoint, but, in none legal terms, a number of Deutsche Bank employees told the New York judge that they made millions of dollars from Mr. Trump’s businesses and saw no fraud in the loans they approved. They told the judge that Trump repaid his loans with interest. There was never any concern that Trump defrauded the bank and they unveiled a parade of emails going back years where the bankers heaped compliments and praise for the Trumps and their businesses.   

The bankers’ story goes all the way back to 2011 – that’s 12 years ago – regarding the renovation of the Doral golf resort near Miami, Florida. That turned out to be a tremendous success story. The bankers also testified that Mr. Trump paid off his loans, frequently paid off his loans, ahead of schedule. Indeed, the Co-CEO of Deutsche Bank testified that bank in 2013, in a meeting at Trump Tower he suggested the bank could lend Mr. Trump even more money because Mr. Trump’s credit worthiness was so strong.  


Now this goofy Justice Engoron with all his ties to the New York Democratic machine, barely listened to the crucial testimony of Mr. Trump’s bank lenders and that is too bad, but of course in New York, as elsewhere during the Biden years, Republicans and conservatives are subjected to a two-tiered Justice System.  The charges against Mr. Trump concerning the allegation of inflated assets, alleged falsifying financial statements, insurance fraud, is a fabrication based on left-wing imaginations. This is just like the other charges against Trump in Washington, Florida, and Georgia, which would seek to deny the former president his first amendment right to free speech, his right to express his own opinions.    

In this country that right is not a crime. Also, in this country, if your banker testifies that you paid up every loan on time, or even before the loan came due, and that includes the interest payment, and that there was no fraud, and the asset values are matter of an opinion, not science, the key point is paying back the loan with interest. 

If the bankers are saying this, then what are these prosecutors trying to do? Well, prosecutors, that is the Democratic prosecutors, are trying to confiscate Mr. Trump’s businesses and throw him in jail for 700 years. Anything to impoverish him and keep him out of the White House next November.   


That’s what all this is about, including the ludicrous $18 million asset valuation that the goofy New York judge believes Mar-a-Lago is worth. That judge has become the laughingstock of real estate brokers in South Florida and around the country. That property is probably worth a billion dollars, not $18M.   

Coming back to this silly New York case, there is no victim, there is no fraud, there is no squealing banker, there is no statute violation, there is no intent, there is no materiality, and there are no ill-gotten gains. In other words, as with all these Trumped up charges by the Democratic regime, there’s no nothing!   

This article is adapted from Larry Kudlow’s opening commentary on the November 30, 2023, edition of “Kudlow.”     

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