LARRY KUDLOW: Biden continues to appease Iran, rather than deter it


It is a joy to see the happiness of every grandparent, parent, brother, sister, other family members and friends at the release of hostages by Hamas. It is a joy. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made it a priority along with the ultimate annihilation of the Hamas terrorists.   

Many people have taken credit for the hostage release, but without question, the single biggest factor is that the Israeli IDF has successfully pressured Hamas. That is what is driving the release. The terrorists wouldn’t be releasing hostages if they weren’t getting clobbered on the battlefield or in the tunnels, but even with the joy of hostage returns there are costs.   

As this morning’s Wall Street Journal editorial puts it: “Hamas holds everyone hostage. The terrorists traffic in human beings to achieve their bloody aims.”  There’s no telling how long Hamas would dribble out five to ten hostages per day in order to extend the ceasefire, week after week. Meanwhile, as President Biden keeps pushing out humanitarian aid, the terrorists are able to refuel, resupply, perhaps re-arm, or take in more financing from their Iranian paymasters who are orchestrating this entire Hamas story, or even flee into Egypt or who knows where.   


Meanwhile, IDF momentum could be slowed. IDF intelligence could be harmed.  In effect, the enemy is setting the terms of the pause. This is troublesome. Equally troublesome, there are still remaining American hostages held by Hamas and Joe Biden hardly says a word about this. Why isn’t he raising bloody hell about the failure to release the American hostages?  Day after day he should be talking about that. He should be threatening Iran who is behind this hostage travesty. 


 Iran and its terrorist allies have launched 80-some odd strikes against American military assets and all the Biden administration has done is a few pinprick responses.

Why aren’t they stopping Iranian oil ships to China? Or bombing Iranian oil fields? Or hitting Iranian command and control or training centers?Instead, Biden continues to appease Iran, rather than deter it. The mullahs only understand serious attacks on themselves or their assets or their land. American hostages are locked up some place in Gaza – and what exactly is Joe Biden doing about it? I would say practically nothing. I would say that is a tragedy. That’s my quick riff. 

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