Hurricane Ian does damage to Universal Studios Florida


Strong winds from Hurricane Ian damaged at least one ride at Universal Studios Florida Theme Park in Orlando, which was closed Wednesday and Thursday in anticipation of the storm.

A large portion of siding was stripped off the resort’s Jurassic Park River Adventure ride during the hurricane, prompting jokes on social media about the prospect of “dinosaurs escaping.”


“Dinosaurs escaping during a hurricane is *literally* the plot of Jurassic Park,” tweeted Philip Rossman-Reich, editor at Orlando Magic Daily.

Footage taken Thursday also showed Universal Orlando guests wading through knee-deep floodwaters at the resort.

Officials are beginning to assess the heavy destruction left in the wake of the hurricane that has already left millions without power and an untold number of Florida residents trapped due to flooding. Rescue operations are already underway, and reports of confirmed deaths have started to roll in.

President Biden said Thursday Hurricane Ian could be “the deadliest hurricane in Florida’s history.

“The numbers are still unclear, but we’re hearing early reports of what may be substantial loss of life,” the president told reporters, adding that more would be learned in coming hours and that the administration knows “many families are hurting.”

FOX Business’ Julia Musto and Sarah Rumpf contributed to this report.

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