Here are some of the best summer jobs for teens and the pay


Teens around the country will soon be finishing school for the year and looking for ways they can pass their time during the summer.

Some of those kids will likely want to lock down a job for when their school lets out, whether that be later this month or June, to have some cash in their pockets.

Once they start looking, teens will have a host of summer jobs to pick from, whether they want to work inside or outside, according to Ramsey Solutions and “The Ken Coleman Show” host Ken Coleman, who recently identified a slew of prime options for teen summer job seekers.

The following are some examples of summer employment that Coleman’s Ramsey Solutions report highlighted as well-suited for teens.

Camp counselor

Mall store or food worker

Westfield Garden State Plaza in New Jersey

Lawn care provider

Lawn mower


baby sleeping in nursery cot


Child swimming

How much a working teen will get paid will depend on their summer job.

In jobs like taking care of people’s lawn or watching their children, teens often can decide the amount they want to ask their customers to pay, according to Ramsey Solutions. The company suggested babysitting could bring a teen over $18.50 an hour, while lawn mowing could be $50 per mow depending on the property’s size.

A summer camp counselor position could come with an hourly rate in the ballpark of $16, Ramsey Solutions reported. Meanwhile, minimum wage is common for teen employment at stores or food joints in the mall.


For lifeguarding, it can depend on the nature of the job, such as the body of water and whether it’s privately or government-run, per the report.  

Teens also can venture beyond those common summer roles and still make money with things like social media, photography and surveys, Ramsey Solutions said.

Separately, in late April, a Challenger, Gray & Christmas report said employers will make available 1.3 million more jobs for teenagers in May, June and July. Those predicted positions “would be the highest number of summer jobs added since 2020,” according to the outplacement firm.

It would come after teens saw just over 1 million added in the same three months the prior year.

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