Energy producers fear increased cyberattacks, Corpus Christi port CEO says production ‘absolutely critical’


Port of Corpus Christi CEO Sean Strawbridge expressed concern Friday that the Texas energy gateway may be a target of future cyberattacks on “Varney & Co.” 

“So certainly, as you see, energy becoming more pivotal in foreign policy and national security,” Strawbridge said, “We do believe that we could be a target.”

As Strawbridge noted, energy has become a key resource in geopolitics, made especially clear by the war in Ukraine. 

With Russia consolidating a large portion of energy production in Europe, experts have urged the Biden administration to ramp up domestic production to combat Russia and provide for NATO allies. 


Recent events have also highlighted the growing prominence of energy in foreign affairs. 

The European energy company TotalEnergies reported “unauthorized drone activity” around oil platforms in the North Sea. Additionally, Russia’s Nord Stream gas pipeline had “unprecedented” damage with three gas leaks in the system. 

Nord Stream’s leak has heightened tensions between NATO allies and Russia over energy production. Strawbridge argued this event has made U.S. gas exports a “more popular” idea for Western Europe. 

“So it is absolutely critical for us, the United States, to produce more natural gas, to get that natural gas to the coast where it can be processed and get it shipped to our allies, if we are going to keep these NATO alliances intact and keep our policy with Russia intact.”

While energy production continues to be a major player in geopolitics, U.S. energy producers are focused on preventing cyberattacks as well as physical attacks on infrastructure.

“We have seen certainly an increase in the cyberattacks, but we’re certainly also looking at just the physical infrastructure and making sure that we’re protecting the physical infrastructure from any nefarious acts,” Strawbridge told host Stuart Varney.

“Unquestionably, as our prominence grows on the international stage, we do become a target.”

FOX Business’ Landon Mion and Anders Hagstrom contributed to this report. 

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