Dunkin' to debut a 40-ounce 'Wicked Lahhhge' tumbler at select locations


Dunkin’ is debuting a new 40-ounce “Wicked Lahhhge” tumbler just in time for Memorial Day weekend, the company announced in a press release. 

“Inspired by the larger-than-life accent heard ‘round our New England stomping grounds, Dunkin’ is rolling out a brand-new 40-oz. ’Wicked Lahhhge’ Tumbler, available exclusively at select Dunkin’ locations nationwide,” said the May 20th release.

“Go big or go home with 40 ounces of your favorite iced beverage — pour in a Dunkin’ Iced Coffee to fuel your early morning trips to the farmers market, or a Dunkin’ Refresher to keep you cool while sitting by the pool,” the company noted.


At 40 ounces, the “Wicked Lahhhge” tumbler is larger than any single-serving beverage sold by the company. 

The largest cup at Dunkin’ is the 32-ounce “large” for iced drinks, and the extra large-sized cup for hot drinks is 24 ounces. 

The first Dunkin’ Donuts location was in Quincy, Massachusetts, a city located south of Boston, says the Dunkin’ website. 

The name of the new tumbler is a play on the Boston accent, which is commonly heard throughout northern New England. 

outside of a dunkin restaurant

“One of the most recognizable features of the Boston accent is the dropping of the consonant R, especially when it’s not followed by a vowel. This phenomenon, known as R-dropping or non-rhoticity, can be traced back to the early English colonists and has persisted in the region, making the Boston accent stand out among other American accents,” said Voices.com, a website for voice actors. 


Additionally, the term “wicked” is a well-known Boston slang term equivalent to “very,” says Boston.com — but it is unclear as to how this became popular in the area, the site added.

This is the second time in recent months that Dunkin’ has done a promotion rooted in the sizing of its beverages. 

Coffee order

In March, the company briefly renamed its “small” iced coffee as a “Short King.” 

“Short King” is an internet term referring to a man under 5 feet 8 inches tall.  

The chain’s description of the menu item on its app read, “Because sometimes you don’t need a large, or even a medium, you just need a Short King.”

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