Car insurance prices are on the rise: These states have the highest premiums


New Yorkers pay the highest car insurance premiums in the country.

The yearly premium for full-coverage car insurance in New York averaged $3,374, according to Insurify. 

The company found that to be the case for the Empire State and its residents as part of a report released earlier in the month that identified the ten states with the costliest premiums.

It tied New York’s car insurance cost to its dense population and its supplemental spousal liability insurance law. 

In contrast, annual car insurance premiums across the country averaged $2,019, the report said.

Insurify said the following locales in the U.S. had the biggest average yearly full-coverage car insurance premiums:

  • New York: $3,374
  • Nevada: $2,974
  • Florida: $2,917
  • Delaware: $2,806
  • Louisiana: $2,792
  • Washington, D.C.: $2,756
  • South Carolina: $2,680
  • Maryland: $2,645
  • Michigan: $2,640
  • Rhode Island: $2,452

Louisiana, the No. 5 spot holder, saw its drivers put more of their income toward car insurance than any other state, according to Insurify. The company pegged the share of income paid to car insurance at 4.7% in the state. 

The states with the priciest auto insurance come as premiums for the full coverage climbed $386 on average last year to hit $2,019. In the year before that, they hovered around $1,633, according to the report.

Cars driving on the highway

The price of car insurance will go up by 7% this year, Insurify estimated, citing some cost stabilization. 

Meanwhile, the U.S. saw an average transaction price of $48,759 for new vehicles in December, Kelley Blue Book reported. That marked a 2.4% drop from the same time during the prior year. 


For used vehicles, people tend to put theirs up for sale at around $26,446, per Kelley Blue Book.

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